How to Replace Y-Axis Stepper Motors for Anycubic Kobra Series 3D Printer

Stepper motors are one of the key moving components in a 3D printer. If you detect a damaged motor, you must replace it with a new one, as the printer will not be able to work without it. This article is a general guide on how to replace Y-axis stepper motors for Anycubic Kobra Series 3D printer. Although the specific construction may vary depending on the printer model, the overall steps for replacing the Y-motor are generally similar.

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Tools You Need:

Tools for replace Y-motor
  • Alan keys
  • New Y-axis motor*1

The Y-axis motor in the Anycubic Kobra series printers may vary slightly. For example, Kobra Max, due to its large printing area, requires a motor with extended shafts on both sides to drive the movement of the print bed. Additionally, Kobra Go and Kobra Neo have a combined pulley and motor design, while others have a separate configuration. Therefore, when replacing the separate motor, it is essential to align the pulley and motor shaft.

Step 1:Release Y-axis belt and unscrew motor pulley.

Release Y-axis belt

Disconnect your printer power. Turn the Y-axis tensioner counterclockwise to loosen and remove the belt from the motor pulley. Then, unscrew the pulley and remove it. If your printer has a combined pulley and motor design, you can skip the step of loosening the pulley. It is important to note that the model of Kobra Max is different from other models in this series. Its Y-motor has long shafts on both sides, so you need to loosen the belts and pulleys on both ends.

Step 2:Remove old stepper motor from Y-axis.

Remove stepper motor

To remove the Y-axis motor, you need to loosen both the belts and pulleys as well as the motor bracket. The motor bracket is used to secure the motor and ensure stable printing. Using a tool, unscrew the screws that connect the motor to the bracket, and unplug the motor cable. This will enable you to successfully remove the Y-axis motor.

Step 3:Install a new Y-motor.

Install a new Y-motor

Install a new motor onto the bracket and secure the pulley onto the motor shaft. Except for Kobra Neo and Kobra Go which have a combined motor, you should pay attention to other models that require aligning a flat surface of the motor shaft with a screw on the pulley before tightening them. At last, plug the motor cable and tighten the Y-axis belt.

Step 4:Test your Y-motor.

Test your motor

Perform a simple test to verify if the replacement is done correctly. Control the heated bed through the printer display and make it move back and forth. Observe if the motion position is accurate and whether it runs smoothly on the rail.

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