Troubleshooting Guide: Resolving Filament Not Coming Out of 3D Printer

Filament not coming out of extruder is a common situation. It is not a difficult problem to solve, but it plagues many users of FDM printers. For the problem that the filament not coming out of 3D printer, usually we need to troubleshoot the nozzle, extruder, and filament. We will discuss the various reasons why 3D printer not feeding filament, and provide effective troubleshooting methods and solutions to help users regain control of the printer and make it running smoothly.


Common Reasons for Filament Not Coming Out of 3D Printer

FDM printers work by melting filament at a hot end, extruding it layer by layer through a nozzle, and then creating a 3D print on a build platform. When the filament does not flow out properly, the printer can't do its job properly either, so troubleshooting this issue is crucial. Below are some common types of problems that can cause filament not coming out of the printer, preventing you from printing.

Nozzle issues: A clogged nozzle is the most common cause of filament not coming out of the printer. Residual filament, debris, dust, can all accumulate in the nozzle, preventing it from flowing out properly.

Extruder issues: The extruder, which is responsible for extruding the material out of the printer, can have problems or even malfunction, preventing the filament from advancing properly.


Filament issues: If you try new materials, such as flexible filament TPU, they are usually more difficult to extrude. If printing a special material, the filament feed mechanism may be more difficult to push it, and you will need to adjust the extruder and hot end of the printer appropriately, change the nozzle temperature, etc.

The quality of the filament is also important. Clogged spools and wet filament can easily lead to extrusion problems. When the filament gets tangled on the spool, it cannot be fed smoothly into the extruder. Filament that has not been stored dry can easily clog and cannot come out of the 3D printer.

3 Ways to Solve Filament Not Coming Out of 3D Printer

Whenever you encounter a situation where filament is not coming out of your 3D printer, please stop the print job first, go through some troubleshooting steps, and try several of the solutions below. Filament is not coming out of the 3D printer, we can do print setup checks, machine part work checks, nozzle and extruder adjustments, etc. to locate the issues and try to fix them.

Method 1: Adjust the nozzle

Check the nozzle temperature, adjust the nozzle temperature to the optimum temperature of the printing material used. Check nozzles for clogging, clean nozzles. When the nozzle is blocked by debris or filament, you can use tools to remove them, please pay attention to the high temperature and operate carefully. Nozzle Cleaning: A Comprehensive Guide.


Method 2: Adjust the extruder

Check the extruder. Whether the extruder gear can clamp the filament, whether other moving parts are worn or damaged. If the extruder is worn or its performance is degraded, it will not provide enough extrusion force, which will affect the process of extruding the filament of the printer. When filament is not coming out of the 3d printer, the extruder is a key part that needs to be checked. Troubleshoot the problem and maintain it properly to ensure that its extrusion force and filament path are normal.

Method 3: Replace the filament

Check the nozzle and extruder, if you can't find the problem, you can try to recalibrate the printer and replace the filament to test. Use different filament spools to avoid extrusion problems caused by low quality or improperly stored filament. Anycubic Filament provides high-quality filament with neat spools and sealed packaging to ensure users have a smooth printing experience.


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