Resin 3D Printing Troubleshooting: Fix Incomplete Resin Prints

Failed Print
(The resin print is incomplete.)

When it comes to resin 3d printing, experiencing failed resin 3d prints can be frustrating, such as cracking, warping, support separation and so on. In this article, we will discuss another common printing problem that beginners often encounter in resin 3D printing: incomplete resin prints, where parts of the object fail to print successfully. This issue is typically caused by incorrect slicer settings and an uncleaned resin vat. Let's move on and find the solutions to it.

Adjust Slicer Settings

Slicer Settings
(Resin settings on Anycubic Photon Workshop.)

Increase the Lifting Distance

Lifting distance, also known as "z-lift height", is the distance between the 3D print and the build plate. After each layer is printed, the build plate will raise up and the print separates from the FEP film to avoid the printed object from sticking to the FEP film.

If the lifting height is too low, the solidified resin may not have enough space to peel off the FEP film on the bottom of the resin vat before the build plate moves, which can result in scratches on your FEP film and failed prints like semi-finished objects. To fix the issue, increase the lifting distance in increments of 2mm until the issue is resolved. In this case, a higher lift distance allows the resin to reflow and solidify.

Increase the Light-off Delay

Light-off delay, aka "off time" in Anycubic Photon Workshop, refers to the time delay between when the UV light source is turned off and when the build plate begins to lift or retract. This delay allows the resin to solidify and detach from the FEP film, which helps stabilize the resin with poor fluidity before starting printing the next layer, ensuring better print quality and accuracy.

The light-off delay setting is essential in resin 3D printing but is often overlooked. If the value is set too low, it can increase the risk of print failure. On the other hand, if it is set too high, the printing process will take longer to complete. But if you encounter a situation where only half of your resin print is completed after printing, it is likely that your light-off delay is too short. It is recommended to increase 1 second on the current value to improve the situation. To obtain the ideal light-off delay for your 3D resin printing, you can check the resin profile on the official website.

Clean Your 3D Printer Vat and FEP Film

Resin cleaning kit
(Use the cleaning kit to filter the impurity.)

An uncleaned resin vat and FEP film will cause parts of your resin print to fail to solidify on the build plate. After experiencing a print failure, the remaining resin may be contaminated with dust or debris, or cured resin sticking to the FEP film. Be careful to check your resin and FEP film before printing, otherwise, this may cause the next print to fail to adhere to the build plate or result in poor-quality prints. Cleaning your resin vat and FEP film is one of the most important maintenance tasks that prolong your resin 3d printer’s lifespan. There is an article "How to Properly Clean Your Resin Vat & FEP Film" that provides you with two methods for quick cleaning and deep cleaning.

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