How to Replace the Anti-backlash Nut Assembly and Lead Screw on Anycubic Vyper

An anti-backlash nut is a component on an FDM printer, which serves to reduce play or slack between a threaded screw and the nut it interacts with. This tutorial will provide a step-by-step guide for replacing the anti-backlash nut assembly and lead screw on Anycubic Vyper FDM 3D printer. The integrated anti-backlash nut and new lead screw can help users improve the accuracy of printer movement, improve printing quality, and avoid common problems such as uneven printing.

How to Replace the Anti-backlash Nut Assembly and Lead Screw on Anycubic Vyper


Step 1: Click "Tools-Move Axis-Home All" on the touch screen. Click "Motor" to turn off the motor.


Step 2: Please use the hex key to remove the screw fixing the anti-backlash nut assembly. Then use the M2.5 hex key to loosen the hugging rigid coupling without removing screws.


Step 3: Turn the lead screw up and rotate downward to remove the anti-backlash nut assembly, and then take the lead screw out. Replace Anti-backlash nut assembly and Lead Screw. Install the new anti-backlash nut assembly, and secure it with a M2.5 hex key.


Step 4: Rotate the new screw from above through the anti-backlash nut assembly into the coupling. Please note that the rotation must be in place. Use the hex key to re-tighten the top screw of the hugging rigid coupling.


Step 5: If you need to replace the parts on the other side, please refer to the current step. Apply grease to the screw rod after installation. Please click "Tools", "Move Axis" to move the Z-axis up and down, and make the grease evenly distributed.


In Conclusion

Regular maintenance of your FDM printer is essential to ensure it performs at its best. During the operation of an FDM printer, gaps in the system can cause inaccuracies in motion, which can cause printing problems such as layer misalignment. Integrated anti-backlash nut, replacing the worn lead screw can effectively solve this problem and achieve smoother and more accurate movement of the printer. The above 5 steps to replace the Vyper's backlash nut and lead screw, for users' reference. After replacing the parts of Anycubic Vyper, the printer needs to be leveled again. For more information you can contact Anycubic technical team and get help.

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