How to Replace Hot End Fan for Anycubic Vyper

The hot end fan is a consumable part of the FDM printer. It is exposed to high temperature and will have mechanical wear after long-term operation. The cooling effect of the hot end fan plays a vital role in the proper operation of the hot end, and it needs to be properly maintained when using the FDM printer. When the hot end fan wears out and degrades in performance, or is physically damaged, we need to replace it with a new one. This tutorial will help you understand the hot end fan replacement information, and provide a detailed guide on how to replace the hot end fan for Anycubic Vyper.


When Need to Replace Hot End Fan

Anycubic Vyper is an easy-to-use, powerful and stable desktop FDM printer. It is equipped with an intelligent leveling system, which supports automatic leveling of the hot bed, and high-precision twin-screws to ensure the stability of the machine. In terms of cooling system at the hot end, the printer uses a dual-fan two-way heat dissipation system to achieve rapid cooling and support higher printing speeds, up to 180mm/s.


Understanding and maintaining the hot end fan of an FDM printer is very effective in ensuring its optimal performance, such as cleaning dust and debris from the fan regularly and lubricating the fan bearings. The inspection and maintenance guide for the hot-end fan: Troubleshooting the Hot End Fan on Your FDM 3D Printer, can help quickly troubleshoot hot-end fan problems, reduce printing problems, and improve printing quality and success rate.

The service life of the hot-end fan will vary depending on usage and other factors, and replacing the hot-end fan is also a skill that needs to be mastered when using an FDM printer. The following points will help you determine when it is necessary to replace the hot end fan:

  • Abnormal fan sound and excessive noise. When the bearing is worn or damaged, the fan on the hot end will make an abnormal sound when running. It is necessary to check the problem and replace it with a new fan in time.
  • Problems with cooling and reduced efficiency. Filament often clogs nozzle, uneven deposition, and reduced print quality mean checking that the cooling system and fans at the hot end are functioning properly.
  • Physical damage, fan not working. If the fan is physically damaged and not working properly, then prompt replacement of the hot end fan is necessary. 

Guide Step by Step: How to Replace Hot End Fan for Anycubic Vyper

Tools: M2.0 Allen key, new fans

Step 1: Remove old fans. Cut off the cable tie and peel off the red glue, then pull out the hot end cable plug. Use an M2.0 Allen key to remove the 4 screws on the back of the cover. 


Step 2: Remove the cover, then unplug all the plugs on the adapter board. There are 5 screws on the cover, use M2.0 Allen key to remove them one by one. Take out three fans.


Step 3: Install new fans. It is recommended to install the centered fan first, and fix it with 2 screws. The blowers are installed on both sides, with the sticker facing each other, the air outlet facing downwards, and aligned with the air duct. Use screws and clamps to fix the blowers.

Step 4: Arrange the long cables well to avoid affecting the rotation of the fans. Install the LED light, and fix the cables with spacer and screw. Insert the plug back according to the prompt on the plug and the silk screen on the adapter board.


Step 5: Close the cover and tighten 4 screws. Plug the cable back in. At the same time, use a nylon cable tie to fix the cable.


Test the working of the new hot-end fan

After you have finished installing the new hot end fan, you need to check that it is working and running properly. Power on the printer, heat the hot end to 200°C, if the fans start and operate normally, the replacement is successful. It is recommended to choose a simple test model to check the operation and cooling efficiency of the hot end fan.

If you have questions about replacing the hot end fan, it is recommended to seek help from the technical team: Anycubic after-sales service


Video Guide: How to Replace Hot End Fan for Anycubic Vyper

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