Anycubic Kobra Max Maintenance Guide: How to Replace Hot End of Kobra Max

How to replace the hot end of Anycubic Kobra Max? Kobra Max is a popular large-format FDM printer equipped with a Bowden extruder, and the hot end and nozzle can be replaced as needed. Like many other machines, FDM printers require maintenance. The hot end of an FDM 3D printer is the component responsible for heating and extruding filaments, it plays an important role in the 3D printing process. In this tutorial, we will guide Kobra Max users through the process of replacing the hot end.


Anycubic Kobra Max: Maintenace of Hot End

Anycubic Kobra Max is known for its large print size of 400x400x450mm, which is perfect for producing large and complex designs. It comes with an automatic leveling system that simplifies the leveling process with one click. Using a Bowden extruder, it supports a variety of filaments such as PLA/ABS/PETG/TPU, together with the dual-threaded Z-axis, ensures the stability of 3D printing and facilitates users to get high-quality 3D prints.

Maintenance of your FDM printer is always important, both for the proper functioning of the machine and ensuring consistent printing. The hot end is no exception, and problems may occur with use, such as wear, clogging, damage caused by high-temperature printing, etc. To maintain the hot end of Anycubic Kobra Max, common methods include:

  • Regular cleaning: remove accumulated filament, dust and other residues
  • Calibrate temperature: a suitable printing temperature can ensure the best printing effect
  • Check components: checking for loose parts, screws, etc.


How to Replace Hot End of Anycubic Kobra Max

Before replacing the hot end of Anycubic Kobra Max, please remove the filament from the print head, turn off the printer and unplug the power plug to ensure safety. Please have your tools ready, including an M2.0 hex wrench and a new hot end. During replacement, carefully remove and install components, paying close attention to wires and connectors.

Step 1: Use an M2.0 hex key to remove the four screws of the housing. Unplug the wiring plug that connects to the print head.


Step 2: Press the quick connector and pull off the Teflon tube. Replace the print head and connect the print head Teflon tube back to the printer.


Step 3: Use the M2.0 hex key to install and secure the four screws of the print head. Connect the print head connects plug it in.

Step 4: Install the print head housing. Use the M2.0 hex key to install and secure the four screws of the print head.


In Conclusion:

Referring to the maintenance and replacement steps in this guide, or the specific operations in the video below, can help users replace the hot end of Kobra Max. After completing the replacement, check the installation to make sure the connections are normal. Then power on the printer, re-level the print bed, calibrate the hot end temperature, and perform a test print to ensure the hot end replacement is successful. For further questions, or for technical support, you can contact Anycubic Customer Support and get help.

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