Print Like a Master: Anycubic Photon Mono M5s

An important step forward in resin 3D printing, experience unmatched precision and effortless functionality. Anycubic Photon Mono M5s is the first desktop leveling-free 12K high-resolution printer and will deliver high-resolution prints at higher speeds. On the printed object, this printer can display incredible fine details and complex features. In terms of printing experience, it is designed to meet the printing needs of users more intelligently. Anycubic Photon Mono M5s is designed to take your print projects to new heights. Get ready to redefine what's possible in resin printing.

Basic Information of Anycubic Photon Mono M5s:

  • 10.1" Monochrome LCD Screen
  • 12K High Resolution (11520x 5120 px)
  • Print Size: 200 x 218 x 123 mm (HWD)
  • Print Speed: 70 mm/hr -105mm/hr (The latter requires high-speed resin)

More details about product parameters.
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Main Features of Anycubic Photon Mono M5s

12K High Resolution Printing

12K resolution represents an extremely high pixel count, and the pixel density is higher than 8K, which will provide unprecedented visual detail and precision. 12K resolution is not a widely used or commercially available resolution in the context of 3D printed screens. As a revolutionary resin printer, Anycubic Photon Mono M5s is equipped with the first 10.1-inch monochrome LCD screen with a resolution of 11520x5120, and a horizontal axis pixel count of 19 microns. 12K resolution applied to resin 3D printing, the higher pixel density will produce exceptionally smooth surfaces, realistic textures, that allow for complex geometries, and complex geometric shapes can be achieved, raising the authenticity and quality of resin prints to an extraordinary level.


Leveling a resin 3D printer is not a very difficult process, but is one of the most troubling problems for users. Leveling is required to ensure the accuracy of the print and is critical to the success of the printed model. Anycubic Photon Mono M5s proposes a new solution, adopting the first free leveling solution of consumer-grade resin printers. A mechanical sensor on the cantilever arm detects the fit between the printing platform and the floating leveling module and automatically adjusts it based on the detection results. In this way, the user can be freed from the difficulty of manual leveling, the error of manual leveling can be reduced, and the success rate of printing can be improved.


High Speed Printing

Improve the speed of resin 3D printer? This is certainly a change that 3D printing enthusiasts have been waiting for. Anycubic Photon Mono M5s has also achieved progress in this regard, its average printing speed can reach 105 mm/h. To achieve this high speed printing, the printer uses a high-speed release film that can reduce the release force. When used with high-speed resin, the resin can be quickly cured in a shorter time and ensure the success rate of printing. 

Worried about complicated parameter settings? In the new version of the slicing software Anycubic Photon Workshop 3.1, the Photon Mono M5s model will provide three sets of parameters. Users can choose the parameter set that meets their own needs, use it or adjust it according to the situation. In addition, the machine manual has suggested parameter settings for users to consult.


Intelligent Printing:

Consumer-grade resin 3D printers are becoming more affordable, and at the same time, manufactures are focusing on improving the user’s printing experience and making it smarter. Let’s take a look at the performance of Anycubic Photon Mono M5s on intelligent printing.

Intelligent Check: Equipped with a new intelligent monitoring system to help users to improve the printing success rate. Anycubic Photon Mono M5s can achieve device self-check, resin detection, and printing detection. Before printing, it quickly detects and troubleshoots hardware problems to ensure that the printer can work normally. Resin detection can prevent the resin from being exhausted and unable to complete the model printing.

Photon Workshop 3.1: The new UI interface of Photon Mono Workshop 3.1 supports new algorithms, and the smart mode is equipped with exposure parameters, which further improves the success rate and stability of printing, and make slicing easier to get started.

Anycubic APP: Popular slicing models are available for download, conveniently experience one-click 3D printing. During the printing process, real-time print monitoring of Anycubic Photon Mono M5s can be realized on Anycubic APP.


Product Parameters of Anycubic Photon Mono M5s

As a consumer-grade 3D printer, Anycubic Photon Mono M5s not only has functional upgrades, the first 12K leveling-free resin printer, but also considers the machine design from the user's perspective. The intelligent printing module is equipped with a 4.2-inch touch screen that is easier to operate. Users can choose two data input methods, USB and Wifi, to easily navigate printing. The machine weighs only 8.9 kg and is equipped with a removable cover, and a replaceable screen anti-scratch film. This film is to protect the LCD screen from scratches and resin penetration for full LCD protection. Regarding printing, the detailed printing parameters are listed below:

Printing Volume 190oz./5.4L
Printing Dimensions 200x218x123mm(HWD)
Average Printing Speed

With high speed resin - 105mm/hr
With general resin - 70mm/hr

Machine Leveling Leveling-free
Build Platform Laser engraving aluminum alloy
LCD Screen 10.1" monochrome
12K(11,520 x 5,120px) resolution
480:1 contrast ratio
2,000 hours typical lifespan
Light Source LED matrix UV light source
XY Resolution 11520*5120
Z axis Accuracy Double liners with 10 μm
Suggested Layer Thickness 0.01-0.15mm

Pricing and Availability

Unleash your creativity with Anycubic Photon Mono M5s. The Photon Mono M5s 3D Printer will be available for pre-order starting May 22, 2023 at 10:00AM ET. Don't miss out on our early bird sale and get the first 12K resolution leveling-free consumer-grade 3D printer for just $399, and €399 for Europe. Stay tuned for more exciting events as we continue to say thank you to our valued customers.

Early Bird Flash Sale

  • 10am 05/22/2023 - 10am 05/25/2023 EDT (3 days only)
  • 4pm 05/22/2023 - 4pm 05/25/2023 CET(3 days only)

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