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Product Description

  • Intimate after-sales:We will use professional skills to help you solve any problem of printer.
  • Most popular brand:Anycubic 3D printer has become best manufacturer in Europe and the famous brand which customers love best.
  • Auto Leveling: Build-in automatic platform leveling.
  • Modular assembly: You just need put 7 modular parts together. The assembly time decrease to 2-4 hours depends on your experience.
  • Safer power supply: New designed low voltages supply & Isolating power sock to keep you away from electric shock hazard.
  • Innovation carbon rod: The new designed carbon rod is extreme light and high strength, Provides fast movement and accurate printing.
  • Suspended filament holder: Make Kossel more convenient to use and improve the stability.


1.Anycubic+kossel+plus_Manual leveling20170712

The firmware is Anycubic+kossel+plus_Manual leveling20170712, please click on it to download.

2.Anycubic+kossel_Manual leveling 20170712

The firmware is Anycubic+kossel_Manual leveling 20170712, please click on it to download.


The firmware is ANYCUBIC_Kossel_Beta2_2019_4_17,please click on it to download.


The firmware is ANYCUBIC_Kossel_Plus_Beta2_2019_4_17,please click on it to download.

1. kossel_Linux_20180109
The driver is for kossel_Linux,please click on it to download.

2. kossel_Win_20170303
The driver is for Kossel_Win,please click on it to download.

3. kossel_Mac_20170303
The driver is for Kossel_Mac,please click on it to download.

1. Upgraded AnycubicKossel_user manual_English(20170918)

The English user manual is for Upgraded Anycubic Kossel,please click on it to downlaod.

2. Upgraded AnycubicKossel_user manual_Russian(20171222)
The Russian user manual is for Upgraded Anycubic Kossel,please click on it to downlaod.

3. Upgraded AnycubicKossel_user manual_Japanese(20180208)
The Japanese user manual is for Upgraded Anycubic Kossel,please click on it to downlaod.


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