3D printing contest

Welcome to 2021 Anycubics 3D Printing Contest!!  

We are gathering Artists, Makers, and Amateurs to organize a Home Decoration 3D Printing Contest. 

Here is your time to shine, show us what you got. 

Join the contest to win exceptional prizes. The winner will receive our Vyper Filament 3D Printer no yet released along with 3 PLA Filament Rolls. The second will receive one of our Wash & Cure Plus machines. The third up to the fifth will receive several PLA Filament Roll or several 0.5L Resin Bottle according to the type of printer they are using.



EVERYONE CAN PARTICIPATE! You can design, print and decorate your creation and publish several pictures on your social media page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and tag us @ANYCUBIC and put the hashtag #Anycubiccontest.

You don’t have a 3D Printer? Don’t leave yet! You can design or find some design and modify it and post the result on your social media page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and tag us @ANYCUBIC and put the hashtag #Anycubiccontest.

Anycubic 2021 Home Decoration 3D Printing Contest will last from June 1st to June 15th you can publish your works until June 15th 11.59pm CET.



We will create 2 categories, one for those who 3D-Printed their work and another one for those who upload models. For both categories, we will select 5 winners. 

The winners will be selected according to the following criteria : 

- Sophistication (difficult and a certain amount of workload)

- Originality (something really uncommon)

- Adequation (close or far from the contest Topic)

The contest Jury will be chosen among Anycubic multiple department and will include 5 Women and 5 Men.


The result will be publish both on anybcubic.com and Anycubic social media account on June 17th. The winner will be contacted through the social media account used to upload the work. If we do not receive a response within 2 days of sending the message, we will award the prize to the next person in the ranking.






Both categories will have 5 winners. The prizes will be as follow :

1St  :  An Anycubic Filament 3D Printer Vyper

2nd : An Anycubic Wash & Cure Machine 

3rd: 5 Rolls of PLA Filament

4th: 4 Rolls of PLA Filament

5th: 3 Rolls of PLA Filament