ASA Filament - Get 3 for the price of 2
ASA Filament - Get 3 for the price of 2
ASA Filament - Get 3 for the price of 2
ASA Filament - Get 3 for the price of 2
ASA Filament - Get 3 for the price of 2
ASA Filament - Get 3 for the price of 2

ASA Filament - Get 3 for the price of 2

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● Weather-Resistant
● High-Temperature Stability
● Premium Toughness
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Anycubic ASA Filament Anycubic ASA Filament

Anycubic ASA Filament
Main Features

Superior Weather Resistance, Fearless in Outdoor Conditions

Outstanding resistance to sunlight, water, and aging. It can fend off UV rays, complex weather changes, and harsh natural environments. Printed models remain undamaged, resistant to aging and fading even after long exposure outdoors.

Anycubic ASA Filament - Superior Weather ResistanceAnycubic ASA Filament - Superior Weather Resistance

High-Temperature Resilience, Models Do Not Deform Easily

More stable in high temperatures compared to other standard materials. Anycubic ASA filament has a heat deformation temperature of up to 90°C, while ABS, PETG, and PLA have temperatures of 75°C, 63°C, and 53°C respectively.

Anycubic ASA Filament - High-Temperature ResilienceAnycubic ASA Filament - High-Temperature Resilience

Excellent Mechanical Performance, High Toughness and Impact Resistance

Printed models can withstand moderate impact forces without easily deforming or breaking, making it suitable for printing engineering parts or models needed in outdoor.

Anycubic ASA Filament - Excellent Mechanical PerformanceAnycubic ASA Filament - Excellent Mechanical Performance

Low Odor

Compared to ABS filament, it emits a much lower odor during the printing process, reducing discomfort for those sensitive to smells, creating a more comfortable printing environment.

Anycubic ASA Filament - Low OdorAnycubic ASA Filament - Low Odor

High Quality

No blockage or bubbles, ensuring smooth extrusion and finely uniform models. Neatly wound with consistent dimensions, filament diameter tolerance is controlled within ±0.02mm. High precision, low shrinkage, less risk of cracking and warping.

Anycubic ASA Filament - Efficiency Meets QualityAnycubic ASA Filament - Efficiency Meets Quality

Anycubic ASA Filament
Models Display

Anycubic ASA Filament - Sample Prints Anycubic ASA Filament - Sample Prints

Anycubic ASA Filament
Filament Parameters

Product Type
ASA Filament
Net Weight
Gross Weight
Tensile Strength
Elongation at Break
Flexural Strength
Flexural Modulus
Young's Modulus
Izod Impact Strength
Melting Point
Melt Index
Heat Deflection Temperature
Storage Environment
Dry and ventilated

Anycubic ASA Filament
Color Type

Anycubic ASA Filament - Color Type Anycubic ASA Filament - Color Type

Anycubic ASA Filament

How to install consumables
  1. Install the spool on the spool holder of a 3D printer, and preheat the nozzle.
  2. Cut the top of the filament into a spire shape, and thread it into the extruder and feeding tube.
  3. Manually push the filament through the feeding tube to the nozzle until the filament melts through the nozzle.

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