Anycubic ABS Like Resin Settings: A Comprehensive Guide

Different types of resin have different characteristics. When using a 3D printer, it is best to choose the suitable resin and adjust the printing parameters. For optimal printing results, parameters such as layer thickness, exposure settings, etc. will vary depending on the resin type and specific printer. In this guide, we will discuss the use of Anycubic ABS Like Resin. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, mastering the Anycubic ABS Like resin settings will go a long way in unlocking the creative potential of 3D printing.

Use of Anycubic ABS Like Resin

Traditional ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is widely used in various industries. Among materials used for 3D printing, ABS filament and ABS-like resin are also very popular with users. ABS is a widely used thermoplastic polymer known for its toughness, durability and versatility. ABS-like resin is a photosensitive polymer resin that can imitate the performance of ABS and also has better strength and durability.


Anycubic ABS Like Resin is favored by users for its high quality and durability. Use it to print solid parts or models that can withstand certain mechanical stress and can also meet some special 3D printing needs. Anycubic ABS Like Resin + balances the tensile strength and hardness of the material, has a high elongation at break, is not brittle, and has excellent impact resistance qualities. Anycubic ABS Like Resin Pro has an upgraded formula based on the Anycubic ABS Like Resin+ to further enhance mechanical strength and durability. With flagship properties of high strength and toughness, and the ability to remain stable under pressure, it is ideal for making rapid prototyping parts that require both bending resistance and toughness. In addition, these two resins also have good stability and improved fluidity, which supports shortening of printing curing time and ensures printing accuracy. Read on as we provide detailed Anycubic ABS Like resin settings. They are compatible with various LCD and DLP printers on the market.

Anycubic ABS Like Resin Settings: Recommended Parameters

Why we need Anycubic ABS like resin settings? When using a resin printer, adjusting the right print parameters can help optimize print quality and maximize the potential of the printer and resin. Mastering the resin printing settings can also improve the success rate of printing and reduce printing problems. To get the best results from your use of ABS Like Resin +, you can refer to the table below. Depending on your specific printing needs, you can also adjust these parameters.

ABS Like Resin+ Layer Thickness Normal Exposure Time Off Time Bottom Exposure Time Bottom Layers Z Lift Distance Z Lift Speed Z Retract Speed
Photon Mono M5s 0.05 mm 3.6 s 0.5 s 25 s 5 8 mm 6 mm/s 6 mm/s
Photon Mono M5 0.05 mm 2.8 s 0.5 s 25 s 5 8 mm 6 mm/s 6 mm/s
Photon Mono 2 0.05 mm 2.5 s 1 s 25 s 5 6 mm 4 mm/s 6 mm/s
Photon Mono 0.05 mm 2.5 s 0.5 s 40 s 6 6 mm 6 mm/s 4 mm/s
Photon Mono X 0.05 mm 2 s 0.5 s 28 s 4 8 mm 8 mm/s 2 mm/s
Photon Mono X 6K 0.5 mm 2 s 0.5 s 23 s 6 8 mm 8 mm/s 2 mm/s
Photon Mono 4K 0.05 mm 2 s 0.5 s 40 s 6 6 mm 6 mm/s 4 mm/s
Photon M3 0.05 mm 2 s 0.5 s 23 s 4 6 mm 6 mm/s 3 mm/s
Photon M3 Plus 0.05 mm 1.5 s 0.1 s 23 s 3 4 mm 4 mm/s 6 mm/s
Photon M3 Max 0.05 mm 3 s 2.5 s 50 s 6 10 mm 10 mm/s 2 mm/s
Photon D2 0.05 mm 2.5 s 1 s 28 s 5 5 mm 2 mm/s 3 mm/s
Photon M3 Premium 0.5 mm 2.5 s 0.5 s 25 s 2 8 mm 6 mm/s 6 mm/s
Photon Mono X6Ks 0.05 mm 2.5 s 0.5 s 20 s 5 8 mm 2 mm/s 3 mm/s
Photon Mono X2 0.05 mm 2.5 s 1 s 20 s 5 8 mm 2 mm/s 3 mm/s

Anycubic ABS Like Resin Settings: Specifications and Available Colors

Specifications ABS Like Resin + ABS Like Resin Pro
UV wavelength 365-405nm 365-405nm
Elongation at break 20-30% 20-30%
Density 1.05-1.25g/cm³ 1.05-1.25g/cm³
Molding shrinkage 3.72-4.24% 3.4-4.0%
Viscosity 220-250 cP/mPa·s 400-500 cP/mPa·s
Flexural strength 50-60 MPa 70-100 MPa
Flexural modulus 1400-1600 MPa 1800-2200 MPa
Tensile strength 35-55 MPa 45-70 MPa
Conservation period 18 months 2 years


In Conclusion: Anycubic ABS like resin is a worthy 3D printing resin choice for ease of use and durability. Use it to create durable and precise 3D prints, and it's best to master the Anycubic ABS like resin settings for best results. If you need more information, you can contact Anycubic customer service for support.


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