Troubleshooting Guide: File Failed to Be Recognized by Resin 3D Printer

Are you trying to start 3D printing, but the printer keeps failing to recognize the sliced file? This is a common problem that many 3D resin printer users will face, also like 3D printers failing to open files, and files not showing on resin printers. It is usually related to the file format, file name, printer connection, etc.

Resin 3D printer have become a versatile tool for hobbyists and professionals alike, making it easy to materialize complex designs. However, operating a 3D printer demands technical expertise and skills. This guide will help you troubleshoot why your resin printer cannot recognize files, and how to fix it. For Anycubic Photon Series printers, we will provide the sliced file formats supported by each machines below.


Sliced File Formats for Resin 3D Printers: Common Software & Anycubic Photon Workshop

The 3D printer reads the sliced file and prints out the model. Before printing, it is necessary to convert the 3D file (stl./obj.) into a sliced file, so that the printer can recognize it. The software that implements this process is called slicing software, commonly used are: ChiTuBox, PrusaSlicer, Lychee, and Anycubic Photon Workshop. 3D printer slicing files are commonly available in .ctb or .photon format. The sliced file format contains instructions for the 3D printer to build objects layer by layer, such as the support structure of each layer, exposure time, etc.


If you are using the Anycubic Photon Series printer, you can directly use Anycubic Photon Workshop to slice and exports files. For example, select Anycubic Photon M3 Max as the machine type, then operate the model and set parameters. Finally, export the sliced file (.pm3m).

With the Anycubic Photon Mono 2, it can be saved as .pm3n on Photon Workshop. More file formats for Anycubic Photon Series printers: What file format does Anycubic Photon use


3D Printer File Cannot Be Recognized: Causes and Effective Solutions

Why files not showing on 3D printer? There are usually three common causes of this problem. We will guide you through the troubleshooting process and provide practical solutions to resolve the failure of the file to be recognized by the printer.

File format error

Wrong sliced file format, this is a relatively common problem, which can be checked first. The resin printer may not recognize the file format, resulting in the 3D printer not being able to open the file. We need to check the file format and verify if the file is suitable for the resin printer you are using.

Solution for file not showing

  • Check the File Format. Verify that the sliced file is saved in a format suitable for your resin 3D printer.
  • Convert the File Format. You can convert the file format using the converters or software like Meshmixer or Blender.


File naming issues

Slicing the file name may cause the file not to be recognized by the 3D printer. The name of the file in the U disk is preferably English, numbers, or a combination of them, and it is best to avoid special characters.

Solutions for file failed to open

  • Rename the sliced file
  • The file name is recommended to be within 30 characters.


File damage

The file may become corrupted or damaged, preventing it from being opened. In this case, try to repair the file using file repair software or a dedicated 3D model repair tool.

Solutions for file failed to open

  • File Repair. Use file repair software to check the file and fix an issues it may have.

Anycubic Photon Series Printers File Format


For Anycubic Photon failed to open file

Check whether the format of the file matches the printer, if not, the printer will be unable to recognize it. If you are using ChituBox or other slicing software, export or convert it to .photon format. If using Anycubic Photon Workshop for slicing and exporting files, select the printer model you are using, or save the file in the correct Anycubic Photon file format according to the table above.


Through the troubleshooting methods above, you can try to solve the problem that the sliced file cannot be recognized by the printer. Of course. Anycubic customer support is also at your service, allowing you to resolve resin printer issues and continue 3D printing with ease.