Anycubic ASA Filament: Selecting the Right ASA Filament for Your 3D Printing

When considering the durability of 3D prints in outdoor environments, ASA filament is undoubtedly one of the most desirable materials to choose. ASA filament is known for its weather resistance and combines the durability and strength of ABS filament. It has excellent material properties and can meet unique application scenarios, so it is chosen by more and more users. If you are looking for the right ASA material and want to choose the ASA filament that is of excellent quality and affordable, Anycubic ASA filament is a great choice. We will delve into the characteristics of ASA filament and introduce the advantages and uses of Anycubic ASA filament.


Overview of ASA Filament

Different filaments have different characteristics, and choosing the right printing material can help 3D printing users create ideal models. The choice of filament will determine the quality, strength, appearance and application scenarios of the 3D prints. Compared to other filaments, ASA filament has excellent weather resistance, high temperature stability, chemical resistance, etc., which makes it ideal for outdoor applications and making durable parts. What are the disadvantages of using ASA filament? Successful printing of ASA filament relies on relatively precise temperature control, otherwise it is easy to warp or print failure. Therefore, for beginners or users who are trying to use ASA filament for the first time, it takes a certain amount of time and cost to master it.

Feature of ASA Filament

  • Weather Resistance: Withstands various weather conditions and weather changes
  • UV Resistance: Will not become brittle when exposed to sunlight
  • High temperature stability: Resistant to high temperatures and high temperature environments
  • Chemical resistance: Better than PLA, not as good as ABS


Anycubic ASA Filament: Right Filament for Your 3D Printing

Anycubic's filament is known for its high cost performance, balancing quality and consistency at an affordable price. Anycubic ASA filament has a heat distortion temperature of up to 90°C, has good material properties, and performed well in tests. It can be an option to consider for users who are looking for cost-effective filament. Read on for product specifications, features and benefits of Anycubic ASA filament.

Anycubic ASA Filament: Product Specifications

Net Weight 1 KG/Roll Gross Weight 1.3KG
Diameter 1.75mm Tolerance ±0.02mm
Length 395m Density 1.07g/cm3
Tensile Strength 41MPa Elongation at Break 15%
Melting Point 120°C Melt Index 12~23g/10min
Heat Distortion Temperature 90°C Storage Environment Dry and ventilated

Superior material properties: Anycubic ASA filament is engineered for use in 3D printing. It is resistant to sunlight, water and aging. Resistant to ultraviolet rays and complex weather changes when exposed to the natural environment. Even with the passage of time, the 3D prints can maintain good stability, not easy to age, damage and fade.

Good mechanical properties: Not only can ASA material prints have excellent performance in outdoor environments, it also has good mechanical properties. Anycubic ASA filament has high toughness and impact resistance. Make sure your 3D prints can withstand moderate impact, not easy to deform or break, suitable for printing models with durability.

High quality, easy to print: The quality of the filament is critical to the success of 3D printing. Anycubic ASA filament can provide a good printing experience. Its spools are neatly wound, consistent in size, and the wire diameter tolerance is carefully controlled within ±0.02mm. In addition, the low shrinkage of Anycubic filament will provide high precision and stability benefits, reducing the risk of cracking and warping.


In Conclusion: Price and Available Colors of Anycubic ASA Filament

Anycubic ASA filament is a popular and reliable choice, balancing material performance and user printing experience, it is cost-effective to try for both beginners and experienced hobbyists. Anycubic ASA filament is participating in a discount event, using the coupon code on the official page, you only need to pay for 2 when you buy 3 extra pieces. There are 6 colors available. For more information and discounts, please follow the activities on the Anycubic official website. Choose Anycubic ASA filament, hopefully it can open up a pleasant printing experience for you.

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