Anycubic ACE Pro

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Product Features
● Smart Multi-Color Printing, Print in 4 to 8 Colors
● RFID Sync
● Dries while it Prints in Multi-Color
● Filament Backup
● Co-Created with Pantone Color Institute
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Regular price $289.00
Regular price $319.00 Sale price $289.00

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Technical specifications

  • Printing speed

  • Machine leveling

    Automatic Leveling,vibration suppression, flow control, automatic hot bed leveling, Z-axis free compensation
  • Cooling fan rpm

    Motherboard fan, model cooling fans, hot end fans
  • Nozzle

  • Extruder

    Single, hardened steel extruder gear
  • Hotbed temperature

  • Slicing software

    AnycubicSlicer/AnycubicSlicer for Orca
  • Material

    ACE PRO only support PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA, PET, PA, PC, PP, HIPS.
  • Power supply

  • Connection method

    USB flash drive, Wi-Fi, AC Cloud
  • Machine dimensions

  • Machine weight

    ACE Pro 4.6kg

In The Box

  • ACE Pro

  • Power cord (2pcs)

  • Cable organizer (4pcs)

  • Signal cable (1pcs)

  • Filament tube (5pcs)


How can I print in 8 colors?

Currently, the ACE Pro multi-color printer box supports up to four-color printing. For eight-color printing, it requires the use of a professional hub, along with two AnyCubic Color Engine Pro units connected simultaneously.

This professional accessory is expected to be released in the near future. Please stay updated through our official channels for further information on its availability.

Can the ACE Pro be used with filaments without RFID?

Yes. The ACE Pro can precisely detect RFlD filaments, automatically optimizing printer settings for the best results. If users use filaments without RFID, the ACE Pro will not automatically recognize the material and color.

Can the ACE Pro be installed on either the left or right side of the Kobra 3?

We highly recommend installing the ACE Pro device on the left side of the Kobra 3 printer. This suggestion is based on the design specifications of the Teflon tube and hub accessories, which are optimized for placement on the left side.

Placing the ACE Pro device on the right side may potentially interfere with the smooth advancement of the filament, leading to irregular filament feed. Therefore, to ensure optimal performance and functionality, we advise adhering to the left side installation.

Is the Kobra 3 compatible with other filaments besides the PLA Pantone?

The Kobra 3 supports most 1KG filaments with the following specifications: outer diameter ranging from 195-200mm, spool thickness between 60-68mm, and outer wall thickness of 3-3.5mm. Also don't forget to check whether the printing temperature of the consumables is within the temperature range supported by the print head of our machine.

Which language does the Kobra 3 support?

The Kobra 3 supports 8 languages: Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

What kind of slicer is compatible with Kobra 3 Combo? Does the Anycubic slicer supports open source? Is Kobra 3 Combo compatible with Prusa slicer, Orca slicer or other slicer?

The new version of Anycubic Slicer is now compatible with the Kobra 3 Combo printer. You can download it from the Anycubic official website or click here.

Anycubic Slicer is now open source.

We support Cura, OrcaSlicer or other third-party slicing software for multicolor slicing, but highly recommend using Anycubic slicing software for a better multi-color printing experience!
After switching to Orca, it can be supported. Currently there is already a test beta version, at the end of July the output can be networked functional version, at the end of August, to achieve full functionality. The test beta version Link, click here.

How to print in multicolor?

The Multi-color Printing Guide has been updated in Anycubic official Wiki, please kindly check it here.

Can the ACE Pro operate independently to dry filaments without control from the Kobra 3?

No. The ACE Pro includes heating elements for drying, but it is controlled by the Kobra 3, it cannot be used independently without the control of the Kobra 3.

What type of nozzle does the Kobra 3 use?

Our standard nozzle diameter is 0.4mm and it is made of brass, The nozzle diameters of Kobra 3 also supports 0.2mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm.

What is the shipping date?

Kobra 3 Combo will be shipped to overseas warehouses in batches. After arrival, we will arrange shipment according to the order time. Please wait patiently. For more details, please kindly click here.

Where can I download the model of the Mystery Box?

To download the model files and obtain detailed information, please visit Makeronline.

Is the ACE Pro compatible with printers from other brands? Can I print in 4 colors with the Kobra 3 if I don’t have the ACE Pro?

Anycubic official will do further adaptation development, please continue to pay attention to our official announcements. It isn't able to print in multicolor whitout ACE Pro.