Anycubic Kobra 3 Combo

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Product Features
● Smart Multi-Color Printing, Print in 4 to 8 Colors
● Print Fast,Seamlessly, Max 600mm/s
● ACE Pro: Dries while it Prints in Multi-Color
● Expansive Printing, 250x250x260mm
● Co-Created with Pantone Color Institute
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Regular price $449.00
Regular price $549.00 Sale price $449.00

Product Videos

Sleek yet Stylish, Set Up with Ease

  • Minimalism taken to the Max;

The Anycubic Kobra 3 Combo is designed for hassle-free printing, with simplified setup and cable connections. Just start printing and relax.

  • Unified Module System;

Seal integration design of module system effectively protect the core components and eliminate filament residue, making it easier to clean and maintain. Install cables easily with just two port connections.

  • Tailored Comfort;

The touchscreen design comes with a customizable tilt from 30°to 60°, allowing you to print comfortably in any position.

Model Print


Technical specifications

  • Build volume

    250*250*260mm (W*D*H)
  • Printing speed

  • Machine leveling

    Automatic Leveling,vibration suppression, flow control, automatic hot bed leveling, Z-axis free compensation
  • Cooling fan rpm

    Motherboard fan, model cooling fans, hot end fans
  • Nozzle

  • Extruder

    Single, hardened steel extruder gear
  • Build platform

    PEI spring steel
  • Hotbed temperature

  • Operating screen

    4.3-inch touch screen
  • Slicing software

  • Material

    Kobra 3 only support PLA, PETG and TPU. ACE PRO only support PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA, PET, PA, PC, PP, HIPS.
  • Power supply

  • Connection method

    USB flash drive, Wi-Fi, AC Cloud
  • Machine dimensions

    Kobra 3 452.9*504.7*483mm(W*D*H), ACE Pro 365.94*282.84*234.5mm(W*D*H)
  • Machine weight

    Kobra 3 9.2kg, ACE Pro 4.6kg

In The Box

  • Kobra 3

  • Ace Pro

  • Printhead

  • Touch Screen

  • Spool Holder

  • Cable Holder

  • Purge wiper

  • Bag NO.1 M2*14 (2pcs)

  • Bag NO.2 M3*6 (4pcs)

  • Bag NO.3 M4*16(2pcs)

  • Bag NO.4 M3*10(1pcs) M3*8(1pcs)

  • Power cord (2pcs)

  • Cable organizer (4pcs)

  • Signal cable (1pcs)

  • U-DISK(1pcs)

  • Filament tube (5pcs)

  • 4.0/3.0/2.5/2.0/1.5

  • Test Filament

  • Nozzle Cleaner


What kind of slicer is compatible with Kobra 3 Combo? Does the Anycubic slicer supports open source? Is Kobra 3 Combo compatible with Prusa slicer, Orca slicer or other slicer?

The new version of Anycubic Slicer is now compatible with the Kobra 3 Combo printer. You can download it from the Anycubic official website or click here.

Anycubic Slicer is now open source.

We support Cura, OrcaSlicer or other third-party slicing software for multicolor slicing, but highly recommend using Anycubic slicing software for a better multi-color printing experience!
After switching to Orca, it can be supported. Currently there is already a test beta version, at the end of July the output can be networked functional version, at the end of August, to achieve full functionality. The test beta version Link, click here.