ABS-Like Resin Pro 2 5-20kg Deals

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Product Features
● Toughness Upgrade
● High Flowability, High Success Rate
● Low Odor for Peaceful Printing
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Size: 5KG
Color: Beige
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Regular price $129.00
Regular price $160.00 Sale price $129.00

Model Print

Resin Parameters

UV wavelength 365-405nm Elongation at break 30-40%
Density 1.1-1.2g/cm³ Molding shrinkage 4.3-5.6%
Viscosity 180-200 cP·mPa·s Flexural strength 40-50 MPa
Felxural modulus >1000-1200 MPa Hardness 80-85D
Heat deflection temp >60-65℃ Tensile strength 85-45 MPa
Bottom exposure time >20-40s Normal exposure time 1.5-3s (color screen 8s)
Resin wash Alcohol Conservation period 1.5 Year

Color Type

Instructions for Use

(1) Before use:
Shake the liquid resin before use;
Clean the resin tank and the molding platform to keep the bottom of the resin tank in light

(2) When using:
Unscrew the cap and add it to the resin tank according to the equipment requirements;
Select the correct print parameters and settings for printing.

(3) After use:
After printing, please use the matching tools for post-processing, including blade, diagonal
ethanol(≥95%),lactate or isopropyl alcohol cleaning solution;

(4) Post-processing steps:
A. Remove the printed model from the molding platform with a blade;
B. Submerge the model in the cleaning solution, rinsed or ultrasonically washed, then taken
out and drained; ANYCUBlC Wash and Cure machines are suggested to ensure better effect.
C.Proper processing, such as removing support, polishing, coloring, etc.


  1. The ideal condition for storing uncured resin is a cool, dark place at room temperature and protect from light
    to avoid high temperature or sunlight.
  2. Suggested operating temperature is 18-35'c, and a low temperature may affect the printing effect, thus, the
    resin can be properly preheated before use (not more than 60°C).
  3. If the resin pigment settles, it can be used after stirring or shaking.
  4. In order to ensure the performance of the resin, please take out the model in time after cleaning to avoid the model soaking in water for a long time.
  5. To ensure the mechanical properties of the model, please perform post-curing in time after cleaning and drying.
  6. To ensure the ideal performance of the curable material, it is necessary to control the intensity and time of the
    light source after curing.Therefore, the following steps are recommended:
    (1) The intensity of mercury lamp or LeD light source is 5-10mW/m?, and the duration is no more than 1 hour (self-regulation);
    (2)The exposure time in the sun (summer) is around 1 hour;
    (3) Proximity or long-term exposure under strong light sources such as high-power high-pressure mercury
    lamps is prohibited.
    (4) lt is recommended to print in a dark room or be covered with a lid while printing as resin is a photosensitive

Ps: Material properties willvary depending on the molding equipment, post-curing method and testing equipment. For safetyinformation
please r