Anycubic Kobra Advanced Tutorial: How to Install Filament Runout Sensor for Kobra

Filament runout sensors are optional accessories for FDM 3D printers and are very popular among users. The main reason is that it can detect whether the filament is exhausted or broken and pause the work of the 3D printer, which make it easy for the user to replace the filament and continue with the 3D printing project. Anycubic Kobra series printers also support the installation of this device, and there are official accessories to choose from, which are compatible with the Kobra printer you own. Read on as we provide a step-by-step guide to adding a filament runout sensor to your Anycubic Kobra FDM 3D printer.


Use of Filament Runout Sensors

FDM 3D printers deposit materials layer by layer and create models. Problems with the filament will directly affect whether the printing can be successful. Many FDM 3D printers can be equipped with filament runout sensors. It is a very convenient and useful device that can trigger signals to detect whether the filament is used up or broken during the 3D printing process. 3D printing usually takes a long time, if the print fails due to filament problems, a lot of time and material is wasted, and you will only get an unfinished 3D print. There is no need to worry about these problems with filament runout sensors, which will pause 3D printing when the filament is exhausted or broken, allowing the user to replace the filament and resume the unfinished printing process.


Many FDM 3D printers on the market can choose to add this accessory and filament detection function. For users of Anycubic Kobra series printers, you can find compatible accessories directly on the official website. There are also installation tutorials for Kobra Neo and Kobra Go. If you are a Kobra user, continue reading, the steps and video tutorial for installing the filament runout sensor are provided below.

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  • How to Install Filament Runout Sensor for Anycubic Kobra

    Step 1: Please completely remove the material from the 3D printer and prepare accessories and tools that are compatible with the machine. Remove the base of the 3D printer. Use an M2.0 hex key to remove the screws securing the bottom cover of the printer.

    Step 2: Unplug the cooling fan cable and remove the bottom cover. Unplug the wiring plug that needs to be wired. Connect the material detection cable. Connect the detection cable to the wiring plug, paying attention to the direction of the wiring plug.

    Step 3: Reinsert the wiring plug into the motherboard. Press the cable through the reserved hole again. Adhere the cable manager to the printer gantry. Then put wire of the filament runout sensor in the wire organizer.

    Step 4: Install the filament runout sensor module in the reserved position on the shelf. Connect the wiring plug to the filament runout sensor module.

    Step 5: Connect the cooling fan wiring plug back to the motherboard, then use the M2.0 Allen key to install and fix the lower bottom cover. Pass the filament along the sensor module and connect to the print head.

    Please refer to the video for the replacement operation. If you need more information or need technical support, please contact Anycubic technical service staff, you will get help to solve the problem.

    Tutorial Video: How to Install Filament Runout Sensor for Anycubic Kobra

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