How to Replace the Extruder for Anycubic Kobra

Can the extruder of Anycubic kobra be replaced? In some cases, users may have the need to replace the extruder. For example, when the extruder of the FDM printer fails, it will directly affect the work of the printer. The filament being extruded is uneven? The motor is making abnormal noise? These are many possible indications that the extruder is running abnormally. As a part that may be worn and consumed, it is best for us to maintain and clean it. The extruder can be replaced with a new one when necessary to maintain the performance of the print head. In this article, advice and tips on replacing the extruder are provided, along with detailed steps on how to replace the extruder for Anycubic Kobra.


When to Replace Direct Extruder in FDM Printer

Anycubic Kobra with an integrated direct extruder to achieve precise filament control, reduce the jitter of material transmission during printing, compatible with a variety of filaments, and guarantee printing accuracy.

The extruder consists of a motor-driven mechanism that feeds the filament through the hot end, where it eventually reaches the nozzle and deposits it on the print bed. The direct extruder is the common type used on FDM printers. Located near the hot end, the filament path is short and direct, allowing for precise filament control and optimized printing. In addition, due to its relatively simple design, direct extruders are easy to maintain and replace.

Extrusion problems: When the printer has obvious extrusion problems, such as insufficient extrusion, uneven extrusion, it may indicate that the extruder needs to be troubleshooted. During the printing process, frequent occurrence of uneven filament extrusion will lead to poor print quality or even print failure.

Filament clogged or nozzle leaking: Extruder failure can cause filament clogging on the hot end, and there is a certain possibility that the nozzle will leak filament that was not intended to be extruded. In this case, your prints may not look as expected. Troubleshooting, maintaining or replacing your extruder will help get your printer back in working order.

Extruder noise or physical damage: Excessive friction of extruder components, filament jamming, and abnormal noise may be the result of extruder gear or motor failure. Damage to other parts, abnormal noise and abnormality are all indications that users need to check, maintain and replace the extruder.

How to Replace the Extruder for Anycubic Kobra (Direct Extruder)

Tools to prepare: extruder, M2.5 hex key, M2.0 hex key

Step 1: Remove the print head housing. Use M2.0 and M2.5 hex key to loosen and remove the screws of the print head housing and then remove it. Unplug the intermediate cable, use an M2.5 hex key to loosen the screws securing the print head module and remove it.


Step 2: Unplug all the cables on the adapter plate. Use an M2.5 hex key to loosen the screws securing the adapter plate and remove it. Replace the extruder.


Step 3: Install the motor wire to the new extruder. Use an M2.5 hex key to loosen and remove the screws securing the cooling fan of the print head. Use an M2.5 hex key to loosen the screws securing the print head. Replace the extruder and use the M2.5 hex key to reinstall the fixed print head.


Step 4: Use an M2.5 Allen key to install the cooling fan. Use the M2.5 hex key to install the fixed extruder. Install the adapter plate and fix it with an M2.5 hex key. Reconnect the connecting wires on the adapter plate one by one.


Step 5: Use the M2.5 hex key to install and fix the print head module. Use M2.0 and M2.5 hex key to install and fix the print head housing. Reconnect the mid-circuit transfer cable.


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