How to Replace Hot End for Anycubic Kobra

How to replace the hot end for Anycubi Kobra and how to install a new hot end are problems encountered by some 3D printing enthusiasts. In the process of using FDM printers, this is a common printer maintenance problem. The hot end is responsible for melting the filament so it can be extruded and deposited on the print bed, completing a layer-by-layer build. The work of the hot end determines the temperature control, and the diameter of the nozzle on the hot end directly affects the printing resolution, which is very important for printing. As the user works with the FDM printer, the hot end may have the need for calibration, maintenance and replacement. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step tutorial on replacing the hot end of Anycubic Kobra for your reference.


Examining the Hot End: Is Your Hot End Malfunctioning?

What is the Hot End? In an FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) printer, the hot end consists of multiple components including: heating block, heating element, thermistor, nozzle, and cooling system. The hot end provides a stable and controlled temperature at which the material is extruded from the nozzle during the printing process, and the hot end fan is used to ensure heat dissipation and cooling of the filament.

When Do You Need to Replace the Hot End

  • Filament clogging, filament leakage. Frequent filament clogging, problems with nozzle or filament path.
  • Insufficient heating, overheating. When the material cannot be heated according to the set temperature and it is difficult to heat evenly, a new hot end is required, otherwise, the printer will not work properly.
  • Abnormal noise, physical damage. The hot end parts are worn or aged, and the parts are damaged, indicating that the hot end needs to be replaced with a new one.


How to Replace Hot End for Anycubic Kobra

Tools to prepare: new hot end, M2.0 hex key, M2.5 hex key

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Step 1: Remove the print head housing. Use M2.0 and M2.5 hex key to lossen and remove the screws of the print head housing and then remove it. 


Step 2: Unplug the intermediate cable, use an M2.5 hex key to loosen the screws securing, the print head module and remove it.


Step 3: Use an M2.5 hex key to loosen and remove the print head. Use an M2.5 hex key to loosen and remove the screws securing the cooling fan of the print head. Unplug the print head cable. 


Step 4: Replace the print head. Replace the print head and fix it with an M2.5 hex key. Use an M2.5 Allen key to install the cooling fan. Connect the plug of the print head cable to the reversing board.


Step 5: Use the M2.5 hex key to install and fix the print head module. Use M2.0 and M2.5 hex key to install and fix the print head housing. Reconnect the mid-circuit transfer cable.


The Ultimate Conclusion

Understanding the hot end of an FDM printer, and its components, is useful for hot end maintenance and troubleshooting, and can help users properly maintain the printer when necessary. When considering replacing the hot end, you can refer to the above tutorial to replace the hot end for Anycubic Kobra. If you are an Anycubic user, you can always seek advice from the technical team; if you use other printers, please consult the manufacturer's documentation for more advice.

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