Maintenance & Troubleshooting Guide for Anycubic Wash & Cure Max Machine

Anycubic Wash & Cure Max is an exceptionally large machine that can hold up to 14.9 liters. In fact, maintaining it is not as challenging as its size might imply. This article will provide comprehensive guidance on how to maintain and troubleshoot the Wash & Cure Max Machine effectively.

Maintenance Guide for Anycubic Wash & Cure Max Machine

How to deal with wastewater

The waste liquid contains some leftover resin. Before disposing of the waste, you should allow it to fully cure. Simply let the liquid stay still for over 10 hours for precipitation and settling. Then, pour off the top layer of liquid into drainer, and you can discard the bottom wastewater directly after exposing it to the sunlight.

How to recycle the dirty cleaner

First, pour the dirty cleaner into a larger open container and let it settle for about 10 hours. After settling, filter the upper cleaner and store it back into the machine's detergent tank, then keep it under seal. Finally, expose the remaining liquid at the bottom to sunlight. Once the resin in the used cleaner has solidified, it can be disposed of as regular trash.

How to clean the machine

Clean and Maintenance Steps

Clean the rotor: The rotor may become dirty and operate abnormally after long-term use. You can remove the rotor from the drum for cleaning. Simply loosen the screws at the top to easily take it out for cleaning.

Clean/replace the filter mesh: Regularly maintaining the filter is essential. The filter collects these small particles as the cleaner or water is drained to ensure they do not block the pipes. You will find two filters inside the bottom of the washing drum, so you can remove them for cleaning or replacement.

Clean/replace the filter in the tank: Similar to the filter mesh at the bottom of the machine, the filters in the water and cleaner tanks also require regular cleaning to prevent blockages. Locate them at the end of the pipes that connect to the tank caps. Remove them and clean with a brush.

Clean the drum: Pour water into the drum and clean it with a soft scraper. Never scratch the inner wall with sharp objects. After cleaning, start the Wash & Cure Max and long press the 'CANCEL'/'RESET' button for 3 seconds and then it will drain off the waste water.

*Caution: Make sure you have turned off the machine and unplugged the power cord before cleaning.

How to replace the water pipe

Replace the water pipe

If the pipes are broken, they inevitably need to be replaced in time. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on pipe replacement.

Step 1: Turn off and unplug the machine.

Step 2: Take off the pipe clip first. Then, press the safety valve of the L-shaped connector and pull out the pipe.

Step 3: Insert the new pipe into the L-shaped connector and then put the pipe clip back.

Basic Troubleshooting Guide for Anycubic Wash & Cure Max Machine

1.The machine does not work.

Poor contact causes power to fail occasionally. The method is to cut off the power supply for a while and restart the machine.

2. The rotor inside the washing drum does not rotate during washing and cleaning.

Method 1: The rotor is stuck by foreign matter. Press the button to let your machine stop to open the lid and remove the matter.

Method 2: There is sticky sediment at the bottom of the washing drum. Stop the machine, open the lid, and clean it out.

3. The machine has abnormal noise during operation.

Method 1: Place the machine on a flat surface.

Method 2: Tighten the loose rotor.

4. White residue on your prints after washing and curing.

The concentration of the alcohol used for washing is not high enough. Use alcohol with a concentration of more than 95%.

5. The machine does not work and reports an error: E20.

The intelligent fault detection alerts you to close the top cover.

6.The machine pauses the washing and reports an error: E11.

There is no water. Check the water tank and fill it up, Then, press the 'START/PAUSE' button and the machine will continue the process.

7.The machine pauses the washing and reports an error: E12.

Method 1: The outlet of water/detergent is blocked, and the top cover will unlock this time. Clean the blockage in the drum or drainer, close the cover and press the 'START/PAUSE' button.

Method 2: The machine is not level. Place it on a stable and level workspace, Then, close the top cover and press the 'START/PAUSE' button.

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