3D Prints for Last-Minute Christmas Ornaments & Gifts

When you're reading this article and realizing that there are only a few days left until Christmas, at the same time, you are still struggling with a gift exchange. Start your printer and take a look at this sharing list, containing easy-to-make, fast-printed and fun 3D models for holiday preparation at the last minute.

1. DIY Christmas Card

DIY Christmas Card
(Image source: Anycubic, Download Christmas Decoration Files)

What meaningful activities can we do after dinner with the family on Christmas Eve? Anycubic brings you a great Christmas idea, an easy-to-make but fun craft for parent and child bonding: DIY Christmas Cards! We provide you with free 3D files of Christmas-themed stamps in a variety of designs for you and your children to choose from. Just chop them on cards to make beautiful art! The patterns of the stamp have bells, Santa Claus, reindeer, Christmas trees and snowflakes giving you endless possibilities to make a Christmas card. I would recommend using matte PLA filament to print these stamps because it can add slightly frosted texture to them.

  • Printing Time Required: 2 hours and 50 minutes

Let's watch the video to see how Anycubic Photon Mono X 6K made the 3d-printed stamps to DIY a special Christmas card.

2. 2D Snowflake Tree

3D print snowflake ornament
(Image source: Anycubic, Download Christmas Ornament Files )

A 2D Christmas tree art, printed by Anycubic Photon Mono 4K resin printer, will be best to print in batches for walls, windows or doors decoration, for Christmas tree ornaments and also for sticking on Christmas cards. If you are worried about printing such a thin model with basic resin, which is more likely to break, we recommend you try Anycubic UV Tough Resin, which balances softness with strength, withstanding bending, flexing, and compression. Moreover, it is applicable for all kinds of models, shells and parts with rigid requirements, such as industrial spare parts, building models, DIY, maker design, daily design and other high-strength model production.

  • Printing Time Required: 2 hours and 50 minutes

Let's watch a short video to see how Anycubic Photon Mono X with White Color UV Resins made it!

3. Chimney Sweep

3D Printing Christmas Snowman
(Image source: Anycubic, Download 3D Print Snowman)

The hardworking snowman climbes up to the roof with a ladder and started his cleaning and you should try batch printing it before Christmas arrives. We scaled down this model by 50% to reduce printing time. After printing them with a resin printer, don't rush to paint it. You can enhance family interaction by coloring the 3D printed snowman with your children during Christmas family gatherings.

  • Printing Time Required: 3hours and 4minutes

4. Christmas Tree Decoration Kit

3D print christmas tree topper

This is an exquisite Christmas tree decoration kit containing various ornaments and a star topper. These small items can be printed all at once if your resin printer is large enough. Adjust the model sizes according to preferences, then simply add colors to them before hanging on your Christmas tree. If you're looking for a large-format printer, you might consider Anycubic Photon M3 Max, equipped with a 13.6" 7K LCD screen, or Anycubic Kobra 2 Max, featuring a print size of 420 × 420 × 500mm.

5. Vase Mode

3D printed Vase decoration and gift
(Image source: Thingiverse, janerain)

Gorgeous! Thanks for the design! The files contain several different shapes like onions, bulbs, bells, etc. Don't forget to set the infill to 0%, so that you will get a crystal and delicate-looking print. Fortunately, this does not require any support and adding a brim is optional. Since these pendants are lightweight and easy to print, you can print them out and hang them on your Christmas tree at home. If you don't know what is vase mode, I highly suggest checking out this article about the vase mode in the Cura slicer.

  • Printing Time Required: 1hour and 30minutes

6. Swinging Spiderman

Spiderman Ornament
(Image source: Thingiverse, rickw55)

Here's a funny 3d print to ornament your tree. The version of Spiderman with Santa Hat has been updated. No specific printing settings are given, but it is easy and quick to make, and we can refer to makers who've printed it out successfully. It is recommended that supports and 10% infill are required. And the resolution is 0.16mm.

  • Printing Time Required: 55minutes

7. Spiral Earrings

3D printer jewelry Earrings
(Image source: Thingiverse, calebfwood)

Dress up for the holiday! This 3D print gold jewelry is perfect for gifting to your female friends during Christmas. This nice pair of spiral earrings must be the icing on the cake at Christmas. Since the model is pretty small, it is recommended that use a resin 3d printer not an FDM 3d printer. Indeed, LCD-based SLA printing has a great performance on 3D prints with intricate details and high accuracy in comparison to FDM printing. If you're engaged in the field of jewelry design, intricate craftsmanship, dental applications, and even the demands of professionals and hobbyists for a wide range of models and artworks, we highly recommend Anycubic Photon D2 with DLP 3D Printing (click it for 3D Printing Guides about SLA vs. DLP).

  • Printing Time Required: 1hour and 55minutes

8. Stuck in a Chimney

Stuck in a Chimney
(Image source: Cults3D, DAGOMAFR)

What a funny 3d print! Santa Claus got stuck in a Chimney! Did Santa forget to add a special potion to his milk that would cause him to shrink in size? He couldn't go up and down the chimney. With the size of 86×86×115mm, it will cost a relatively long time on printing in this list. For postprocessing, spray the color and put some white foam like snow as the designer did, to make it more realistic.

  • Printing Time Required: 5hours and 46minutes

9. Money Stocking

Money Stocking
(Image source: Thingiverse, ziggyzig)

This cute gas ornament has a hole on the side for placing the rolled cash, in order to remind the rising gas price this year. For the printing setting, supports are required on the upper handle, with a resolution of 0.2mm and 15% infill. Hopefully you have enough filaments before printing for your holidays, if not, do a quick check and add Anycubic Filament into your cart. Basic PLA, Silk PLA, Matte PLA, which ones do you like?

  • Printing Time Required: 2hours and 50minutes

10. Santa Hat

Santa Hat 3D Model Print
(Image source: Thingiverse, muzz64)

Perhaps your champagne or wine needs a Santa hat too. At standard (100%) size, the base of the 3D print Santa hat is 32.5mm in diameter, which fits most bottles. For printing setting, it would be better to print it with support and raft and 15% infill. If you want to make it more realistic by using red and white filaments, check the detailed information from the designer's description.

  • Printing Time Required: 3hours and 27minutes

11. Minimalistic Tree

3D Printing Minimalistic Design
(Image source: Thingiverse, upperpeninsulaplastics)

To make this simple but elegant Christmas tree, try printing with multi-color filaments, then put EL wire or LED strip around the tree frame and you will get an easy-to-make yet beautiful holiday decoration. The default size is about 179×75×235mm, and what's more interesting is to print a batch of trees with different scales for a Christmas forest! As to print settings, no raft or support needed, and the layer height is 0.2mm with 20-40% infill. To be specific, the infill of the top can be less than the base to prevent a top-heavy print.

  • Printing Time Required: 4hours and 45minutes

If you are interested in this kind of theme, check out another article about 3D holiday-themed projects.

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