Anycubic Kobra 2 vs Vyper: Which One Is Best?

As an entry-level high-speed printer suitable for beginners, Anycubic's Kobra 2 and the ever-popular Vyper are compared today. Which one is truly the best? What are the differences in their specs, features, and designs? This article will delve into the differences between these two models.

Overview Comparisons

Specifications Anycubic Kobra 2Anycubic Kobra 2 Anycubic VyperAnycubic Vyper
Original price $279 $359
Build volume 220 x 220 x 250mm 245 x 245 x 260mm
Printing speed 300mm/s(Max.) 200mm/s(Avg.) 180mm/s(Max.) 80mm/s(Avg.)
Extruder Direct Bowden
Leveling LeviQ 2.0 auto-leveling, smart Z-offset LeviQ 1.0 auto-leveling
X-Y-axis Double metal spindles and SG15 bearing Traditional D-structure
Build surface Textured PEI Textured PEI
Belt tension Rotary knobs Screws

1. Print Speed

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All models in the Kobra 2 series are high-speed printers. One of them, the Kobra 2, can achieve a maximum speed of 300mm/s, with an average speed of 200mm/s and an acceleration of 3000mm/s². It can print a 3DBenchy with a 0.25mm layer height in just 22 minutes. It's worth noting that you need to upgrade the firmware to version 3.0.6 or higher to achieve the mentioned speeds. In contrast, the Vyper has a maximum speed of only 180mm/s, which is even lower than the average speed of the Kobra 2. This is a great difference in speed.

2. Mechanical Frame

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Durable, high-quality hardware is essential for stable high-speed printing. As a fast FDM printer, the Kobra 2 has optimized its frame design. The material of the V-slot wheels on the X and Y axes has been upgraded from rubber to metal. Additionally, the traditional movement mode where belts directly drive the V-slot wheels has been updated to add a metal guide between the belts and the metal wheels. These changes significantly reduce wear and friction on moving parts, resulting in smoother motion. In contrast, the Vyper uses the traditional frame design with rubber wheels.

3. Bed Leveling

LeviQ 2.0

The bed leveling of the Kobra 2 is more smart and precise than that of the Vyper. LeviQ 2.0, the self-developed leveling system, is iterated from the last generation. It is applied to the Kobra 2 series and brings a new feature called 'smart Z-offset calibration'. Each time the auto-leveling is completed, triggering this feature on the machine's touchscreen, the sensor inside the print head automatically detects the zero position of the nozzle and the heated bed, achieving automatic Z-height calibration. This is the LeviQ 2.0 leveling system. In contrast, the first-generation leveling system in the Vyper cannot automatically adjust the Z-offset.

4. Extruder

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The Kobra 2 is equipped with a dual-geared direct extruder, while the Vyper uses a Bowen-separated extruder. To be honest, there has been an ongoing debate about which of these two extrusion systems is better, but there is no absolute answer. It entirely depends on the user's personal preference. But in comparison to most common direct-drive printers, the Kobra 2 has upgraded its extruder power, which can reach up to 60 watts. It also uses dual-metal gears to better grip the filament and feed it rapidly to the nozzle.

5. Build Size

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Both of them use a flexible and textured PEI for the print bed, and this PEI surface exhibits strong adhesive properties during printing, while its flexibility allows for easy removal of printed parts after printing. Whereas they differ in the print area. With a large 245x245mm build size, the Vyper's platform is 24% larger than the Kobra 2's 220x220mm platform.

6. Belt Tension

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Correct belt tension is crucial for print quality. Loose and slack belts can lead to issues like echoing patterns on surfaces and layer shifts. To adjust belts on the Vyper, you will need an Allen key to tighten or loosen the belt tensioner. However, the Kobra 2 has built-in belt tension knobs, and you just simply rotate them by hand to adjust the machine's belts. In this case, no tools are required for belt adjustment.

Which One Is Best?

Kobra 2 vs Vyper

When comparing the Anycubic Kobra 2 and the Vyper in the aspects of print speed, mechanical frame, bed leveling, extruder, build size, and belt tension, it's evident that the Kobra 2 wins the game. It's smarter, faster, more robust, and user-friendly, and most importantly, it's originally priced lower than the Vyper. However, the Vyper offers a slightly larger build volume. The Kobra 2 is an entry-level, high-speed printer that is ideal for beginners and is currently available on Anycubic's official website. On their website, you can often find promotional offers and big savings on their products.

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