How to Check and Update Firmware for Anycubic Photon M3 Premium

The firmware of a 3D printer is a program embedded in the printer hardware that is responsible for interpreting G-code instructions and controlling the printer hardware accordingly. 3D printer firmware is used to control the printer to perform complex operations, which is the support for successful printing and optimal performance. For beginners in 3D printing, information about firmware may be unfamiliar, but it will become necessary. This tutorial will help users understand the firmware of 3D printers, how to check firmware version, and how to update the firmware of Anycubic Photon Series resin printer when necessary.

  • What is Firmware of 3D Printer
  • How to Check 3D Printer Firmware Version
  • 5 Steps to Upgrade Firmware for Anycubic Photon M3 Premium
  • Firmware Troubleshooting for Anycubic Photon M3 Premium
  • What is Firmware for Your 3D Printer?

    The 3D printer's firmware is responsible for the very important interaction, it accepts the G-code instructions of the sliced file and creates and executes the print as required. The slicing software allows users to customize various settings, including resin printing parameters, according to the desired printing results. After we prepare the slicing file, it is transferred to the printer via a port such as USB. The printer's firmware is responsible for interpreting the G-code's instructions, managing the movement of the build platform, the curing of specific resin layers, the exposure times for each layer, etc. For the 3D printer, firmware plays an important role in coordinating the printer and enabling it to accurately execute the printing process.


    The Importance of Knowing and Updating Your Printer Firmware

    Firmware updates usually provide bug fixes, printer performance improvements, or some new features. Among the knowledge and skills a 3D printer user needs to master, an in-depth understanding of 3D printing firmware is not absolutely necessary. But familiarity with firmware can be helpful to 3D printer users. Firmware updates when necessary can enhance the performance, reliability and stability of the printer and may introduce new print modes, calibration options, etc. If your printer is experiencing recurring issues, consider checking for firmware updates as one of the solutions to the printer instability problem.

    Risks of Updating Printer Firmware

    Please be especially cautious with firmware updates or firmware modifications: incorrect settings or changes may cause unexpected behavior or even damage the printer. Before making any firmware updates or modifications, it is best to read the release notes carefully, check user feedback, and investigate information about new firmware versions to determine its stability and compatibility. When you are not sure whether you should perform a firmware update, it is best to ask the official technical team for help according to your problem. Of course, forums and online groups dedicated to 3D printing can also provide valuable experience support for discussion and reference.

    How to Check Printer Firmware

    When considering a firmware upgrade, you need to check the firmware version installed on the printer first, and check the latest official firmware version and instructions. If you choose to update and upgrade the firmware of the printer, the following steps can guide users to upgrade Anycubic Photon M3 Premium, and can also be used as a reference for Anycubi Photon series users.

    Turn on the resin printer, select "System", select "Information", to access the firmware version of the printer.


    How to Update Printer Firmware: 5 Steps to Upgrade Firmware for Anycubic Photon M3 Premium

    Step 1: Prepare the firmware file you need and import it to the printer. Please turn on the printer, insert the USB drive that was provided with the printer, which contains the firmware file for the printer. Alternatively, you can download the relevant firmware file for your printer from the official website and copy it to the USB drive.

    Step 2: Click "Print" and select firmware file that begins with "ota".


    Step 3: Click the "Print" button, waiting for updating UI firmware.


    Step 4: Updating UI firmware, updating Boot firmware.

    Step 5: Firmware upgrade successful, device will restart.


    Check Firmware Version and Common Issues for Anycubic Photon M3 Premium

    Make sure firmware in or latest version

    Check the firmware version of Anycubic Photon M3 Premium: Turn on the printer, then click "System"-- "Information" to view the current firmware version.


    Firmware Troubleshooting for Anycubic Photon M3 Premium

    1. The firmware version is not or latest version.

    Click here and download the firmware, download the firmware files for the Photon M3 Premium to a USB drive. Here are two files:

    • File 1: P_M34G5V_1021test.bin
    • File 2: ota-m3_premium-

    Note: The firmware update process requires that File 1 be printed first, followed by File. Deviating from this specific order or repeating steps may result in the firmware update failure.

    2. The version displays "".

    • Reason: Only file "1:P_M34G5V_1021test.bin" was upgraded, not file 2.
    • Solution: Download "File 2: ota-m3_premium-" and update it on the printer: Firmware Upgrade for Anycubic

      3. Typesetting error

      • Reason: "File 1: P_M34G5V_1021test.bin" was upgraded repeatedly.
      • Solution: Download "File 2: ota-m3_premium-" and upgrade it on the printer: Firmware Upgrade for Anycubic.

      4.Serial number anomaly

      Make sure your printer's serial number is one of this: 1019-0F03-1008-1030-1002 or 1019-0F02-1008-1030-1002". To check the system version and serial number, click "System", "Information". If the information differs from the expected, it indicates an anomaly and the file P_M34G5M_0109_sysv1002.bin must be downloaded and printed: Attachment (Download if abnormal).

      Click the blank place over 4 times. Then check serial number. If the version and serial number is different from the numbers above, please print the file "P_M34G5M_0109_sysv1002.bin".


      5. MAC anomaly

      Check the MAC, if it displays 02-00-00-00-00-00/ FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF/Blank, please download the file "P_M34G5M_1108_1.bin" and upgrade it on the printer: Attachment (Download if abnormal)

      If MAC is 02-00-00-00-00-00/ FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF/Blank, there is an error. Please print the file "P_M34G5M_1108_1.bin" at this time.


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