2022 FIFA World Cup 3D Prints

The 2022 FIFA World Cup also known as Qatar 2022, is one of the most popular international sports carnivals in the world, held in Qatar on November 20! In this happy moment, we share with you the best and funny soccer-themed 3D prints to celebrate the event. They contain World Cup trophy, the mascot, food and drink accessories and party toys.

1. World Cup Trophy

World Cup Trophy
(Image source: Thingiverse, 3DPrintNovesia )

This FIFA World Cup Trophy 3D print comprised of three parts: the top, the connector and the bottom, has holes and pins for perfectly aligning. As to print settings, without the help of rafts, they need 10%-15% infill, and the top part needs support. Recommended resolution is 0.2mm. As to post-processing, priming first for the surface in order to easily paint in gold. 49 makers have already printed the model which shows a high success rate of printing.

2. Trophy Plantpot

(Image source: Cults3D, JPGROX)

Perfect for placing on the center of the table as a home decoration. The design combines a planter and World Cup Trophy, which is hollow in the middle for planting. There are not many information on printing, it needs 25% or higher infill. But the design is not for free, and it costs $1.30.

3. La'eeb Mascot

(Image source: Cults3D, GIGAN3D)

La'eeb, the mascot of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, is an Arabic word, that means skillful player. It comes from the metaverse and encourages everyone to believe in themselves. This cute mascot pendant needs support and can be used as a key chain to commemorate an unforgettable moment.

4. Opener & Launcher

Opener & Launcher
(Image source: Thingiverse, 3Deddy)

It is a useful tool and a fun toy that's easy to carry and make fun of. When you drink beer, use it to open a bottle then return its cap and shoot it out like a bullet. Whether you're inviting friends over to watch soccer games or you're going to a party at someone's house, this gadget is sure to earn enough attention. PLA filament is recommended, and here are high-quality PLA filaments waiting for you to pick! If you're attracted by the design, check more detailed information in the description from the designer. And watch the video below to see how it works!

5. Can Holder

Can Holder
(Image source: Thingiverse, Tony_G)

Watching FIFA World Cup, drinking beer is traditional and indispensable. Have a glass of beer when you are nervous and excited, which can stimulate adrenaline. The big handle design allows you to hold a can like a mug without condensation and keep your hands dry and warm. The creator added a thin slice called "Test Slice" to make sure the model fits your cans, and to avoid wasting filament.

6. Snack Attack

Snack Attack
(Image source: Thingiverse, MarcKachelmuss)

This compact tray is absolutely powerful. The design allows you to carry food, drink, utensil, and napkin with only one hand. If too many friends watch soccer games in your home, and there isn't enough space for everyone to enjoy their drinks and snacks, this portable tray can help solve the problem. But make sure you're printing with certified food-grade filaments, or a food-safe epoxy that is applied to your print. Because not all 3D filaments are safe for direct contact with food. Finally, the size is relatively big and the model is printed in one piece, so it requires your printer with a large printing area. Here the Anycubic Kobra Series is highly recommended, even the smallest machine with printing sizes up to 250 x 220 x 220 mm.

7. Ball Puzzle

Ball Puzzle
(Image source: Thingiverse, DaveMakesStuff)

After sharing the prints of food and drink accessories when watching the World Cup, it turns to soccer-themed toys. Snap "Penta" pieces and "Hex" pieces together without glue and you will get a 3d soccer puzzle. It requires 20 "Hex" and 12 "Penta", and the model is 100mm in diameter which can be scaled up and down at will. You should notice that print a few pieces first to test tolerances before printing in large batches. Let's watch a video to see how it works!

8. Finger Soccer

Finger Soccer
(Image source: Cults3D, FACE3D)

What a fun table game! After watching intense soccer competitions, you must be unable to hold back your mood and also can't help playing a game yourself, but the limitation of space, let's move the soccer field to the table, and move the legs to the fingers! Print the color of the team you support to play finger soccer game with your friends.

9. Table Soccer

Table Soccer
(Image source: Thingiverse, Azzman)

This mini-table soccer was created by Chrisibub. As to print settings, the resolution requires 0.1 mm for the ball and others for 0.3 mm. It needs supports without rafts and 30% infill for the goals, the court and the attachment; 50% infill for the players and the ball.

It seems a little bit small as an interactive toy for two people, because the file of the court has the size of 260 x 128.4 x 44.2mm. So sizing up the model for playing with ease is a good choice. Another problem is that the printing size of the average FDM printers is not that big enough. No printer is as large and capable as Anycubic Kobra Max. A massive printing area of 450 x 400 x 400mm to unleash imagination; The maximum printing speed of 180mm/s (average speed is 80mm/s, 167% faster than competitive printers) enables you to feel free to make.

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