3D Printed Animals: Best STL Files to Download and 3D Print

This article is very friendly to animal enthusiasts. We've collected a series of fascinating and adorable articulated 3D models of animals for 3D printing (most of them are articulated designs). This design allows the models to be flexible and more engaging, making them easier to print without requiring assembly.

1. Giant Articulated Cobra

3D Printed Snake

(Image source: Anycubic)

This is a print-in-place 3D model that is created in one piece with a moving part. We significantly scaled up the 3D snake model, and then printed this huge, cool animal model using both a filament 3D printer and a resin 3D printer. To give you a more intuitive feeling, we used a flush cutter and compared it with the PLA snake printed by the Anycubic Kobra Max, while also making a comparison with a plastic scraper and the resin snake printed by the Anycubic Photon M3 Max. It's truly incredible in size!

In 2023, Anycubic introduced a larger, faster, and smarter FDM machine - Anycubic Kobra 2 Max. It is a beast with a build volume of 420 x 420 x 500mm (88L) and a maximum speed of 500mm/s. It can also connect via WiFi for remote control capabilities.

2. Flexi Rex

3D Printed Dinosaur

(Image source: Anycubic)

This flexible dinosaur 3D print is one of the most popular models on Thingiverse and Printables. It's a small toy standing only two inches tall but with stronger links, making it perfect for outdoor play. It's very easy to create with a 3D printer, requiring just a 0.2mm layer height, 15% infill, without the need for supports or a raft. We printed two-colored flexi dinosaurs using the same filament. The silk rainbow PLA filament we used, gives the printed object a silky smooth surface and gradient colors.

  • Is it free? - Yes.
  • Where can I download it? - Designed by DrLex on Thingiverse.

3. Lazy Horse

3D Print Horse

(Image source: Anycubic)

This mythical animal is a flying unicorn. The 3D model features an articulated design, allowing it to sit or lie down on a flat surface. You can make the entire horse as a single print or separately print the body and horn using different colors. Then assemble them into a colorful and unique 3D printed horse. We used yellow matte PLA filament, which gives a more textured look and touch.

  • Is it free? - No.
  • Where can I download it? - Designed by MCGYBEER on Cults.

4. Ar-T-Rex

Dinosaur 3D Printer

(Image source: Anycubic)

This is an adorable Tyrannosaurus Rex model that maintains a smile on its face, designed by the same creator as the horse model mentioned. Their design concepts are similar, blending cute animals with articulated parts. The tail, head, and limbs are all movable, allowing it to sit or lie down. Just slice it and try printing a batch of them in different sizes, as the dinosaur 3D print does not require supports.

  • Is it free? - No.
  • Where can I download it? - Designed by MCGYBEER on Cults.

5. Flexible Crocodile

3D Print Crocodile

(Image source: Anycubic)

This 3D printed baby crocodile can proudly stand on its base, and inside the base, you'll unexpectedly find a fossil. The integrated design makes it quite easy to create; it only requires 20% infill and doesn't need supports or assembly. We used the Anycubic Kobra Neo to build this articulated animal, and the results were outstanding. However, this printer now has a new generation - the Kobra 2 Neo, which greatly improves printing speed compared to the old Neo, reaching a maximum speed of 250mm/s. The upgraded automatic leveling system enables beginners to print higher-quality objects.

  • Is it free? - No.
  • Where can I download it? - Designed by EZMAKER on Cults.

6. Bunny Family

3D Printer Bunny

(Image source: Anycubic)

Next on the recommended list is the bunny family 3D print, consisting of four figures with different pose designs. They are all printed with UV resin, which ensures higher precision and smoother surfaces compared to filament materials. Anycubic offers a resin printer named the Photon Mono M5s, equipped with a 10.1-inch LCD screen and an astonishing resolution of up to 12K.

Don't forget to unleash your creativity and apply colors to your 3D printed bunnies using painting tools. This will make them even more adorable and lively.

Creating 3D Printed Articulated Axolotl with 3D Printing Technology