3D Printed Desk Organizer: Time to Tidy Up Your Things with 3D Printing

Whether you're a student or an office worker, having a tidy and clean workspace is essential for boosting your productivity and improving your mood. So, it's time to get your printer ready to print some stuff for your desk! We've collected some cool and useful STL files for 3D-printed desk accessories, and the best part is, that they're all available for free download. In the following recommended list, you can find 3D-printed pen holders, book holders, bookmarks, storage boxes, and more.

1. Articulated Cobra Pen Holder

3D printing pen holder

(Download 3D print pen holder)

This 3D printed pen holder model is a cool 3D printing idea. It combines the articulated cobra design on the pen organizer, and the cobra is detachable and flexible for play, offering both fun and aesthetics. We used Anycubic Kobra Neo and 1.75mm rainbow silk filament to complete this project. Now, the Kobra 2 Neo high-speed 3D printer for beginners is available, with a top speed of up to 250mm/s.

2. Honeycomb Pen Holder

3D printer pen holder

(Download desk organizer stl file)

This pen holder model with a honeycomb design allows you to better organize your stationery. It was printed by Anycubic speed ACE FDM printer in 2023 - Kobra 2 Pro, taking 6 hours, 48 minutes, and 40 seconds. During the printing process, the printer can achieve a maximum speed of 500mm/s and an acceleration of 20,000mm/s². What's even more impressive is that when combined with a fast printer and fast PLA filament, it greatly enhances your printing experience.

3. Astronaut Pen Holder

pen holder 3D print

(Download pen holder 3D print)

This adorable astronaut 3D model leans against a rocket pen holder with a very spacious capacity. It's one of the magical ways to keep your desktop clean, as it can easily store multiple pens and rulers. You can color it according to your preferences, just prepare a 3D Printing Painting Kit. We highly recommend that you take a look at this guide on 'How to Paint PLA 3D Prints'.

4. Astronaut Bookends

Book stand 3D print

(Download free stl file)

The astronaut book stoppers holding a guitar require printing two of them in order to handle with your books. It's best to set the 3D model with 100% infill to make the structure strong and sturdy. If you're still concerned about them not being able to stand your books securely, you can attach non-slip pads to their bottoms. The 3D print book stand is printed using only 1.75mm basic white PLA filament.

5. Astronaut Phone Stand

Phone Stand 3D print

(Download free stl file)

This astronaut phone stand 3D print shares the same design as the book stand model, requiring a solid structure. With 100% infill and non-slip pads, it can become a highly practical desk accessory. Moreover, you can change the size of the 3D model to make it larger, allowing it to support your tablet.

6. Cubi Emoji Bookmarks

3D printing bookmarks

(Download bookmark stl file)

If you're tired of ordinary paper bookmarks, give 3D-printed bookmarks a try. This is an easy and simple 3D printing idea for your books. Using the Kobra 2 3D printer, you can create a bookmark clip in around ten minutes, allowing you to easily print a batch of them. This makes reading more organized for book lovers.

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