Anycubic Face-Shield & Goggles Model Download

Dear Makers, friends and customers of ANYCUBIC

Due to the worldwide COVID- 19 pandemic, we are happy to share with you our ANYCUBIC Face-Shield, on which we’ve been working the last week. We’ve decided to develop a face shield that can be easily printed by any 3D printer owner. It was also important to us that all the individual parts required for the Shield can be found on the internet. 

Anycubic Face-Shield Model Download: Click here

Anycubic Goggles Model Download: Click here

(ANYCUBIC Faceshield is already in use in the medical field)
(ANYCUBIC Goggles Model)

COVID-19 is a virus that is transmitted by droplet infection. This can be not only through the respiratory tract, but also through the mucous membranes. It is therefore very important to protect the eyes as well.
The printed frame was created and constructed with the support of our great friend Erik Plischke, an mechanical engineer from Germany. Erik was able to implement all of our requirements in the best possible way and we are extremely grateful for his help and support!

For the Shield, we’ve decided to use a PVC foil that has the A4 format, which can easily be found on any platform like Amazon or at stationery stores. We recommend using a foil with a thickness of 0.3 - 0.5 mm. Another very special feature is that the holes can be made with a conventional punch. The 4-way perforation is used for this (more Details in the Video). In this way we avoid that the sign has to be measured or processed with special tools.

As a band for fixation, we opted for an elastic band with a width of 10-20mm, which can be found on all platforms such as Amazon or in retail. Tapes that are already pre-punched or closed tapes can be used. The closed bands can be cut horizontally with scissors and then be used.

The most amazing things on our face-shield are the hooks, that were designed by Erik. Despite maintaining the hole size, he was able to produce an incredible stability of the foil.

We've designed 2 models. The best one ist the one called "SUPREME"! It has the best specifications and design. But also, we made an "SLIM" version, that is also called like this. The "SLIM" version has less design and features. 

We have created a small video instruction for the assembly.

We cordially invite all of our customers, friends and supporters to print this face shield for protection. These can be used by yourself or distributed to the staff in the first line, e.g. Hospitals, doctors & medical personnel, pharmacists, fire services, the military, police, civil protection, cashiers, truck drivers, postmen and carriers and many more!

Download them now: Click here


Stay healthy!


Iron Throne Printed by Anycubic Kobra Plus