All You Need to Know about Photon


Slicer: Photon Workshop

For Windows: [Newest]Photon_WorkShop_V2.1.21.exe


  1. Auto-flip face normal, Only to the whole mesh.
  2. Show the part of mesh on the ground.
  3. Add coordinate indication
  4. Add move, rotate, scale gizmo control


  1. Fix color not changed when Change the group after splited.
  2. The saved stl file it's model moved if you add support then move the model.
  3. *.Photons file preview image doesnot display on machine.
  4. When you open a mesh file, rotate the model then scale will be wrong .


  1. Change model interior color.
  2. Change machine xsize and ysize to valid print size
  3. The window default display size
  4. You can rotate the view with any angle.

Previous Version:

For macOS X:


Video Tutorials

1. Unboxing and Leveling

2. Maintenance of Photon 

3. How to Clean Resin Vat After Printing

4. How to Replace FEP Film

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