ABS-Like Resin vs. Standard Resin: Unveiling the Differences

3D printing enthusiasts, as well as those who frequently work on 3D printing projects, usually choose resins based on the specific needs of the prints, rather than being limited to ordinary or standard resins. To accommodate more needs, the market has also upgraded with tough resins, ABS-like resins, clear resins, washable resins, and more. In this article, we will discuss the differences between standard and ABS-like resins. By understanding the properties of these two resins and how they affect the quality and functionality of printed objects, we hope to help you choose the right resin.


ABS-Like Resin vs. Standard Resin: Brief Introduction

The resin reacts to typical UV light and is cured layer by layer to create intricate and precise prints. Standard resin is the most widely used material for resin 3D printing and the most popular among users. It typically exhibits low to medium viscosity and has excellent print resolution, providing intricate and high-precision print details. Standard resins, on the other hand, have lower material strength and mechanical properties, especially when compared to ABS-like resins, which are average in terms of strength, impact resistance, and toughness.

ABS-like resin is a specially designed material known for its strength and durability. It mimics the properties of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, offering strong impact resistance and good resistance to properties such as chemical resistance. ABS-like resins perform equally well in terms of strength and toughness. This type of resin typically has a moderate viscosity and is as easy to use as standard resins, but requires a slightly longer curing time. Because of their outstanding material strength and mechanical properties, ABS like resins are well suited for functional prototypes that require durability and resilience. Price-wise, ABS-like resins are more expensive than standard resins.


ABS-Like Resin vs. Standard Resin: Pros and Cons

The above introduction gives us an idea of the main characteristics of standard resin and ABS-like resin. They are two different options that meet the specific needs of users. Standard resin excels at high-precision printing and is often available in a variety of colors, making it more suitable for beautiful and fine-detailed 3D prints. Compared with standard resins, ABS-like resins have outstanding material strength and mechanical properties. Not only does it have reliable impact and stress resistance, it is also superior to standard resins in terms of toughness and bending resistance.

ABS Like vs Standard Resin ABS Like Resin Standard Resin
  • Excellent strength and impact resistance.
  • Balance between tensile strength and stiffness.
  • High toughness. High elongation at break and not brittle.
  • Good stability and durability.
  • Ideal for printing functional prototypes and end-use parts.
  • Budget friendly, low printing costs.
  • Wider variety of colors and finishes.
  • Easy to use.
  • Ideal for detailed, high-precision printing.
  • Suitable for decorative and aesthetic applications.
  • Cons
  • More expensive than standard resins.
  • Lower impact resistance and less durability.
  • Limited use of printed parts.
  • ABS-Like Resin vs. Standard Resin: Making the Right Choice

    Understanding the properties of different materials and understanding the differences between ABS-like resins and standard resins is key to choosing the right material for your resin 3D printing project. If you are more concerned about the aesthetics and decoration of your 3D prints, standard resin will be a good choice that is easy to use and affordable. If you start with a standard resin and are looking for a resin with better material properties, then ABS-like resin shouldn't be missed. It is suitable for making mechanical components, etc., with good durability.

    Choose good quality resin, whether you decide to use ABS-like resin or standard resin. This is another tip that is crucial to getting the best results from resin 3D printing. We recommend Anycubic ABS-like resins and standard resins. This brand is very popular among users, especially these two popular resins. High-quality resin tend to ensure good print quality and have more consistent material properties that will give more consistent support for complex resin 3D printing. On this basis, Anycubic ABS Like Resin and Standard resin have a high cost performance, which is another reason why they are favored by 3D printing enthusiasts.

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