Best Tough Resin for 3D Printing: Comparing Tough Resins for 3D Printing Success

Tough resin is one of the resin types commonly used in MSLA 3D printing. It is mainly used to print 3D printed products with toughness and durability, and is very popular among resin printer users. This guide will explore the best tough resin for 3D printing, introduce the material properties of tough resins, compare and recommend them to meet the different needs and budgets of 3D printing enthusiasts.

What is Tough Resin

Tough resin for 3D printing is a special type of photopolymer resin known for its exceptional toughness and flexibility. Compared to regular resins, tough resins can exhibit superior flexibility under pressure, and the material also has enhanced durability and impact resistance. Printing with tough resin generally allows the printed object to withstand bending and deformation without breaking, showing higher flexibility. These are achieved through a variety of factors in their formulation, including the type and concentration of the polymer and additives. As a result, different tough resins on the market may differ in flexibility, strength and other mechanical properties. The choice of the most suitable tough resin depends on the intended use of the printed object. We'll cover a few different resins below to help you choose the best tough resin for 3D printing.


Best Tough Resin for 3D Printing

Tough resins are the first choice for functional prototypes and mechanically strained parts due to their properties, which can be adapted and satisfied for printing in many cases. In the field of resin materials, tough resin and ABS-like resin have some common characteristics, such as high toughness, impact resistance and durability. They are both the choices of users when creating functional prototypes. The latter is combined with excellent strength to give 3D printing enthusiasts a more comprehensive solution. In this guide, we will introduce 3 types of tough resins, including: ordinary tough resin, ABS-like resin that combines toughness and strength, and resin with high toughness and support for water washing. By understanding their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, it can be used as a reference for selecting the best toughness resin.


Anycubic Tough Resin

Anycubic Flexible Tough Resin is loved by many users as a general tough resin for 3D printing. After the 3D print is printed and without secondary curing, Anycubic tough resin is almost as flexible as rubber. After post-processing and secondary curing, it has reduced toughness but will not break easily and becomes stronger. Anycubic tough resin is an ideal choice for many users when prototyping. It is a budget-friendly tough resin with high toughness and high cost performance.


Anycubic ABS-Like Resin

The price of ABS-like resin is relatively higher. It is able to balance high toughness and strength, and is often compared to tough resins and flexible resins placed in front of users. Anycubic ABS Like Resin, with the addition of PUA (polyurethane acrylate) to the formulation, improves the material's tensile strength, bending resistance, and high toughness. On the one hand, its elongation at break is high, making it less brittle and less likely to break. n the other hand, its impact-resistant qualities guarantee toughness. This material also has good stability and supports fast printing and high-precision printing. If you have sufficient budget, Anycubic ABS Like resin will undoubtedly meet your 3D printing needs more comprehensively.


Anycubic ABS-Like Water Washable Resin

The most attractive feature of Anycubic ABS-Like V2 resin, is that it supports water-washable post-processing, while maintaining material properties and advantages such as high toughness, high strength, and impact resistance. Regular water washable resin has always been popular for its user-friendliness, ease of use and simple post-processing. Anycubic ABS-Like Resin V2, with low viscosity and high fluidity, is easy to clean, easy to remove the support, making it even more convenient for users to post-process.


Budget-Friendly Tough Resin Choices in 3D Printing

Choosing the right tough resin for 3D printing requires considering your specific printing needs and budget constraints. Anticipating the needs of 3D prints, flexibility and possible mechanical stress are the two main aspects, according to which we can choose between normal tough resins and ABS-like resins. Anycubic tough resin is an affordable type of resin that can satisfy the need for flexibility. ABS-like resin offers a better balance between toughness and strength, and is priced in the middle of the range. Anycubic washable ABS like takes into account both material performance and user experience. Post-processing is more convenient, and the odor of the material is lower and milder. Anycubic ABS-Like Resin V2 is an exciting new choice.

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