Anycubic Maintenance Tutorial: How to Replace Heated Bed for Anycubic Kobra Max

The heated bed is a component of the FDM printer build platform, it can provide an adjustable temperature for the first layer of 3D prints. Materials used for printing such as PLA and ABS all require bed temperature, so a proper hot bed temperature is one of the keys to successful printing and preventing warping. With use over time, the heated bed and its components may experience wear or deterioration.

Regular maintenance of the heated bed will help to maintain its good performance, but there are situations where the heated bed needs to be replaced, such as: the surface of the heated bed wears down, and the heating element becomes less effective. How to replace the heated bed, this tutorial will provide detailed steps to help users of Anycubic Kobra Max to complete the replacement of the heated bed, so as to ensure the performance of the printer. Other models are for reference only.

  • Tools needed to replace the heated bed: M2.5 hex key, Phillips screwdriver, wrench, new heated bed
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5 Steps to Replace the Heated Bed for Anycubic Kobra Max

When replacing a 3D printer heated bed, safety is critical. Please ensure the machine is turned off and unplugged, wear proper protective gear, allow the bed to cool, check electrical connections. Follow manufacturer's guidelines, or seek assistance from the technical service team.

Step 1: Remove the printer bottom cover and unplug the wiring plug

Use an M2.5 hex key to loosen the screws securing the bottom cover. Unplug the wiring plug of the cooling fan and remove the bottom cover. Use a Phillips screwdriver to lossen the screw that secures the power cord of the heated bed and unplug the heated bed wiring plug.


Step 2: Remove the screws from the old heated bed

Remove the printer cable management. Take the connecting wire of the heated bed along the reserved hole in the printer. Remove the fixing clip. Use a wrench to remove the six screws securing the heated bed. Be careful to collect the springs under the heated bed to avoid losing.


Step 3: Install the wiring slots on the new heated bed

Remove the protective film from the new heated bed. Use a wrench to loosen and remove the heated bed wiring card slot. Install the wiring card slot on the new heated bed. Place the heated bed spacers and spring on the heated bed support.


Step 4: Install the new heated bed

Install the heated bed so that it aligns with the spacers and springs for installation. Hold the heated bed by hand to prevent the heated bed from slipping out during initial fixation. Screw the nut on and fix it manually to prevent the heated bed from slipping out. Use a wrench to reinstall the fixed heated bed. Thread the heated bed wires back along the reserved holes in the printer.

Step 5: Secure the power cord, reconnect the wiring, and install the bottom cover

Install the cable management clip to fix the wiring of the heated bed. Use a Phillips screwdriver to fix the power cord of the heated bed and connect the heat bed wiring plug back. Reconnect the cooling fan wiring plug and use the M2.5 hex key to install and fix the bottom cover. Install the lattice glass and fix it with the clips.


After that, please leveling your Kobra Max.


Final Conclusion

When the heated bed has physical damage or problems, such as uneven heating, wear and adhesion problems, we can consider replacing it with a new heated bed. When considering a heated bed replacement, it is important to ensure that the heated bed is compatible with your printer model. For any related questions, please contact Anycubic's after-sales technical team. When using a new heated bed, cleaning and maintenance work is still useful and helps to maintain good performance and normal operation of the printer. Please check and maintain it regularly.

  • Official machine accessoriesAnycubic Official Website
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