How to Update Anycubic Kobra Series 3D Printer Firmware

Updating the firmware of a 3D printer can improve its performance and fix some bugs and compatibility issues. This article will guide you step by step on how to update the firmware for Anycubic Kobra Series printers.

The instructions apply to the following printer models:

How to Check the Current Version Firmware of Anycubic Kobra Series Printers

Check firmware version of 3D printer

Turn on your printer, and follow the path to check the printer firmware version in the display: "System" >> "About" >> "Firmware Version".

How to Update Mainboard Firmware for Anycubic Kobra Series

Step 1: Format the TF card.

Format SD card

Formatting a memory card is a common practice that ensures compatibility with your printer and can also fix issues such as "Fix 3D Printer Not Reading SD Card". Select the FAT32 file system and format the card allocation unit size to 4096 bytes. You should note that formatting the card will permanently delete all data, so it's essential to back up important data before starting formatting.

Step 2: Download the new firmware.

The following two methods can be used to download firmware for Anycubic Kobra Series printers.

Step 3: Transfer the new firmware to the printer.

Printer SD card slot

After formatting the card, copy the firmware file (firmware.bin) into the root directory of the card, and store only this file in the card. Then insert it into the printer. It's important to note that the printer has two slots, one located at the bottom of the printer and the other at the bottom of the screen. For updating the mainboard firmware, make sure to insert the card into the printer bottom slot.

Step 4: Wait and verify the update.

Check the version of printer firmware

During updating: When the screen displays only Anycubic logo, it means that the printer is automatically updating the firmware. This process may take a few minutes, so be patient and wait for the update to finish.

After updating: Once the update is complete, verify that the new firmware version is successfully installed by checking the printer's display. Click "System" >> "About" >> "Firmware Version" to confirm the firmware version.

How to Update Screen Firmware for Anycubic Kobra Series

Update 3D Printer Screen Firmware

Similar to the steps for updating the mainboard firmware, the difference here is that you need to insert the card into the slot at the bottom of the screen. Turn on the printer, and the screen will turn blue. Wait for a few minutes, and if the blue screen interface displays "END!" or "Update Successed!", it indicates that the screen firmware update has been successfully completed.

How to Troubleshoot and Resolve an Unsuccessful Firmware Update

1. Firmware version is inconsistent. Make sure the versions of the motherboard and screen firmware are the same.

2. Insert the card in the wrong slot. When updating the mainboard firmware or the screen firmware, ensure that insert the card into the corresponding slots.

3. The card has not been formatted. Format the card with FAT32 file system and 4096 bytes allocation unit size before storing the firmware file into the card.

4. The firmware file is stored in a subfolder on the card. Because the printer can't get access to the subfolder, store the firmware file directly on the root directory of your card.

5. The screen is frozen after the update. It is possible that files may be lost during the download or transfer process. In this case, it is recommended to reformat the card, download the firmware file again, and then update the machine firmware.

6. 3D printer won’t read the card. Check the article related to "7 Methods to Fix Anycubic 3D Printer Not Reading SD Card".

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