Anycubic Kobra Max: Glass vs. Magnetic Plate

The print bed plays an important role in the 3D printing process, it will affect the quality and reliability of 3D prints. The configuration of the build plate is also very critical. Generally, FDM 3D printers can use various types of build platform. Common ones include glass, magnetic spring steel, and PEI spring steel. The large-format FDM printer Anycubic Kobra Max comes with a glass print bed as its standard build surface, but some users prefer a spring steel magnetic plate. Therefore, they might consider configuring the Kobra Max with an additional magnetic build plate, and try using a magnetic build plate on the Kobra Max. In this guide, we will explore the characteristics of glass and magnetic build platforms, and help users weigh and choose different printing plates to improve their printing experience.


Glass vs. Spring Steel Magnetic Plate

Glass build plates are a very commonly used one, offer a smooth platform surface, are extremely durable and have long been a favorite among 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals. Magnetic spring steel or PEI-coated spring steel build platforms are popular configurations on the market recently. They have excellent adhesion and are easy to remove 3D printed products from the printing bed. It is also easy to use and maintain, gaining popularity for being more user-friendly. Some users are used to using the glass build plate of Kobra Max, but there are also some users who want to use the magnetic spring steel build plate on Kobra Max. Their advantages and disadvantages are listed below.

Glass vs. Magnetic Glass Build Plate Spring Steel Build Plate
  • Flat and smooth surface.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Perfectly flat bottom of prints.
  • Easily remove prints.
  • No adhesive required, simplifying printing.
  • Compatible with different materials.
  • Cons
  • For some materials with poor adhesion, you need to use glue sticks or painter's tape.
  • After printing, it takes a long time to cool down before the print can be removed.
  • Compared with the glass platform, the flatness is slightly worse.
  • Spring steel plates may become worn and need to be replaced.
  • Usage Suggestions: Glass vs. Spring Steel Magnetic Plate

    Anycubic Kobra Max equipped with a glass printing platform can provide a flat first layer for printing. For users who think about accuracy and consistent print quality first, and need a model with a horizontal flat base, the Kobra Max's glass build plate is a great fit and can help you get the best print results. Usage suggestions for Anycubic Kobra Max with glass printing platform:

    • Glue sticks or painter's tape are tools that are often used with glass printing platforms. They are indispensable when printing materials such as ABS to help the materials adhere to the surface of the glass plate.
    • The glass printing platform is easy to remove 3D prints, but only if you wait for complete cooling. Do not remove the newly printed model directly. Even after the bed has cooled, there is still unreleased heat underneath the print, making it difficult to remove the model. Typically, the waiting time from printing completion to removal of the model takes half an hour to an hour, and when you print large size models, the waiting time needs to increase.


    An easier-to-use print platform is preferred by some users, and if configuring a new bed for Anycubic Kobra Max, a magnetic build platform is certainly a good choice. Spring steel magnetic plate requires less maintenance. It is compatible with a variety of materials and can easily remove prints and print marks. After completing the print, gently bend the steel plate and the print comes off effortlessly.

    Both glass and spring steel magnetic plate have their own unique advantages and considerations. You can choose the one that best suits your printing needs based on your printing needs and preferences to make the Kobra Max better at printing. If seeking more information and advice, you can contact Anycubic Technical & Customer Support. Kobra 2 Max is an upgraded version, and the machine comes standard with PEl Magnetic Spring Steel build plate. Upgrade the printing size to 500x420x420mm (HWD), and the printing speed is up to 300mm/s (Typ.), up to 500mm/s.

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